3 Types Of Locksmiths And The Services They Offer

Who do you call when you forget your keys inside your house and can’t enter, in the middle of the night? Who do you call to upgrade the security systems of your office space or your business building to ensure no one is able to break in? Who is the person you call when your car lock needs to be replaced or the FOB key of your car has stopped functioning altogether? The answer to all the questions is your Locksmith. These are the people who are always there for us in the times of need. In this article, we shall talk about the different types of locksmiths around us and the different kind of services that they provide.

The different kinds of locksmiths –the services each provide

Before we get into the different kinds of services a locksmith provides, one needs to know that there are different categories of mobile locksmith Oklahoma city. There is a major segregation between the different locksmiths, based solely on the services they provide. The different locksmiths and their services have been listed and explained below:

  1. Residential locksmith – the residential locksmith is someone who takes care of all your needs (involving locks, security systems, cameras, replacement of spare lock parts, etc.). They make sure that we never have to face any unnecessary problems. If your lock has been damaged and needs replacing, if the pins inside the locks have worn out and need to be changed, installing a new and more updated security system, installing locks, forging a new key for the lock or providing with replacement keys –your residential locksmith can provide you all these services and more. Some residential locksmiths also provide 24 hours emergency services to their customers.
  2. Commercial locksmiths – These are the locksmiths who are adept in dealing with the commercial and more upgraded security system. Commercial locksmiths undertake each commercial project with the idea of ensuring no one breaks in. Installing fingerprint recognition, card swiping or face recognition security systems, to keep a record of the employees’ entry and exit time. Installing of cameras, installing cabin locks and others are some of the common services provided by them. You need to make sure your office is fully secure and that is why you need to avail the services of a commercial locksmith.
  3. Auto locksmith –apart from your house and your commercial space, there is one more asset that you prize above all other material possession of yours – your car or your favourite bike. What happens when the ignition key corrodes? What happens when the lock of the automobile stops functioning, leaving your favourite automotive, vulnerable? That is when you need to call your automotive locksmith or auto locksmith. He is someone who can fix your car keys, bike keys, provide you with a replacement key, fix the ignition problems and sometime, if professional enough, they can even fix and or replace the FOB keys for your car.
    Getting locked out of your car when your car locks system is not working isn’t a very good feeling. For this reason, it is advisable to keep the number of an auto locksmith on speed dial. These are only few of the services that an auto locksmith can provide you with.

These are the three major classifications of locksmiths who are around you. 24 hours emergency are provided by locksmiths in each category. However, whether or not a particular service is available, depends entirely on the locksmith or the agency that you are hiring them out of. This article is enough to equip you with the information you need regarding the different mobile locksmith Oklahoma city and their services.

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