5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a New Lock

At one point in life you will be tasked with the duty of buying a new lock. Recent research findings reveal up to 35% of US homeowners do not know what to look for when buying new locks for their homes.

One of the most underrated home security aspects are the locks on your doors. Though people use them several times a day, they never pay lots of attention when buying a new lock. The locks are not that flamboyant or noticeable as the alarm systems or the surveillance cameras hence it is very easy for people to overlook them. However, it does not mean they are less important even if we do not pay close attention to them. In fact, in addition to being of the most underrated home security facet, they are also one of the most important home security aspects. Below are five important things you have to consider before buying a new lock.

1. Installation Process of the Lock

The installation process of the lock will definitely offer the homeowners with some insight of whether they are buying the right type of lock or not. By learning the locks installation process, the homeowners will be able to determine if they will have to hire a professional locksmith okc or if they will be able to do it all by themselves.

2. The Type of Lock you need

Nowadays the locks do not come in general format. There is no one single type of lock that will work universally for every type of door and for every purpose. In fact, there are locks which are built with specific purposes on mind.

To be sure that you are buying the right type of lock, it is important you know which lock type you can install. There are several types of residential locks where homeowners can pick from that can lock everything from the deadbolts, smart locks, handle sets door levers and door knobs. Each of these locks can be used for both interior and exterior purposes although there are some which are best suited for specific locations. For instance, the dead bolt lock will be able to work well on an exterior door and provide a better amount of security.

3. The Locks Security Grade

Most homeowners never take advantage of their locks security grades since they probably do not even know that locks have security grading. Most of the lock manufacturers usually have their locks tested where they are given a rating or grading. The numbers are usually meant to give a general idea of how durable, strong and secure the locks can be. The locks are usually tested and graded using the American National Standards Institute

4. Where will the Locks will be installed

The location where the lock will be installed is very factor you need to consider whenever you are shopping for a new lock. However, there are certain homeowners who never put this into consideration whenever they are making plans to purchase new locks. A lock will only be able to achieve its maximum potential if it is only being utilized in the right manner and the locks location will be a huge factor in determining that. For example, the locks that are usually used on the exterior doors will always demand a higher security features and ratings while the interior locks can at times get on with minimal amount of security features and ratings.

5. The Lock Features

It is very important to know what your lock is capable of before buying it. Though this might seem vague, I will try breaking it down a bit. As it has been stated earlier, the locks never come in one size and shape. This explains why most of the homeowners need to pay close attention to the features that their locks have. There are locks which do have the tamper prevention locks built into them. For instance, there are anti drill, anti pick and anti bump features which will ensure your home is much more secure.

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