5 Insane Car Lockout Scenarios You Might Find Yourself In

Have you been in a lockout before? If you have, then you will appreciate that it is frustrating and consumes plenty of time. There are many unforeseen lockout circumstances that are unlike each other and are completely unpleasant. Here are the probable and most common lockout situations a locksmith in Moore, OK can help you escape.

Key Loss at Home

You wake up one morning, freshen up for the day, dress up, take breakfast, and hurriedly rush to the car with the hope of not finding traffic, only to find out that you do not have the keys to your car. You look for the keys possibly everywhere and later resign and call the office to report that you will be late. This brings frustration and can strain your relationship with the boss.

Key Loss at Work

With the excitement of leaving work after a long day. You triumphantly walk out the doors and through the corridors – unstoppable and ready to meet family and friends. Then you reach your hands into the pockets and the keys are missing. The excitement drowns. As a normal person would do, you go back and try to retrace and look for the key. After frantically searching, you are left with no option but to give up.

Locking the Keys in The Car

A brand new day and everything seems to be working fine. You go to work and along the way you decide to pick coffee. You pull up at a coffee shop and manually lock the car because you pride in safety. You walk three to four steps and realize that your keys are serenely sitting on the driver’s seat. The car doors are locked! You feel like a brick has hit you on your chest, but life has to go on.

You Lock the Keys in The Car

You want to quickly rush to a nearby restaurant to discuss business with a partner over lunch, get in your car as usual with ideas running behind your head. Before you know it, you are there your mind can’t stop thinking about what you are going to discuss. You pack and confirm your wallet is in the right place. Immediately you step out of the car, you find your partner standing there waiting for you.

Through the pleasantries, you realize that you unconsciously locked the car, and the car key is swinging in the keyhole.

Breaking The Key

You have clenched your fists in rage because today’s work was tough and your boss was not taking any of it. Regardless of your efforts, everyone seems to take you for granted. So, you walk towards your car, take out your key and press then it greets you with silence because the battery is dead. Then you try unlocking with the key – inserting and turning it. You pile up all your emotions on the turning and click! You just broke the key when it is in the lock.

How to Manage the Car Lockout

Lucky for you there is something you can do about car lockouts.

First, you should always carry a spare key with you. Ensure you double-check every time you go out for a drive. In addition, you can as well have multiple spare keys in places you spend most of your time or hand to someone you trust. Backup plans are important all the time and a locksmith in Moore, OK can come in handy as well. Call a locksmith with experience in handling car locks. If a local one does not succeed, call for a professional lock specialist.

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