6 Important Tips that will prevent you From Being Locked out of Your Car

There has been an increase in the cases of people getting locked out of their cars. Recent research reveals up to 30% of car owners in the US lock themselves out of their cars on a yearly basis.

Though there are several things which can always go wrong whenever you are driving your car locking yourself out is listed on top of the list of some of the worst things that can possibly happen to you. Unless you have a spare car key, there is very little you will be able to do when you are locked out of your door. Here are six important tips that you need to put in your mind whenever you are driving. They are capable of saving you from embarrassment and trouble of being locked out of your car.

1. Always Keep Your Keys On

One of the first rules whenever you are driving your car is never to leave your keys in the ignition. Always put the car keys in your purse of pocket or ensure you always have them in your hand whenever you get out of your car. One common scenario most people find themselves locked out is setting the car keys on the seat and forgetting about them. In order to avoid such a scenario, whenever you remove the car keys from the ignition, ensure you either hold onto them or place them in a secure place. One important tip is using a coloured key chain that will help you track the keys.

2. Join an Auto Club

It is also possible to take advantage of variety of services which are being offered by your local automotive club by agreeing to join them for a small fee. Several auto clubs are known to offer a free unlock service by annual subscription. All it takes is making a phone call and a locksmith Moore ok will be sent to your location.

3. Use the Fob to Lock the Doors

Another way you can ensure you avoid locking out yourself is by using the fob on the key to lock the door. This is very easy for the keys which have a locking mechanism built in. Always ensure that whenever you go to lock and unlock your car door, you only use the buttons on the key. With this method, you will only be able to lock your car door when you have the keys with you, if you don’t, you won’t be in a position to lock your car doors.

4. Replace the Batteries found in the Fob

There are times when the key fob will not work when you are unlocking your vehicle. In such cases, you can always check the key fob battery to ensure it is not dead. In case it is dead, you will have to replace the battery which you can always purchase in most of the auto part stores. In addition to the key fob batteries not working and in need of replacement, you can also have a dead battery in your car. In such a case, you might have to unlock the door by inserting the key into the lock.

5. Ensure You Have the Spare Made Keys

One great option of ensuring that you prevent yourself from being locked out of your vehicle is to ensure you have the spare keys. However, you will have to determine the cost of making a spare key which will be determined by the type of keys you have. For car keys without a Radio Frequency Identification chip or a fob, you can always have a spare key made at a hardware store. For car keys with RFIDs and fobs, you will have to go to your local dealership in order to have the spares made.

6. Ensure You Have a Locksmith Number

Having a locksmith contacts is another great option. This will ensure you can easily and quickly get help whenever you lock yourself out of your car. Although you will be paying for locksmith services whenever you are locked out, you will not have to worry about yearly auto club membership.

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