Introduction to Access Control Systems

Access control systems can be basically defined as security measures put in place to control movement in and out of a place. Read more about their advantages here.

Due to the advancements in technology, access control systems have seen gradual changes to become more sophisticated. A locksmith Del City can help change the basic access systems with the latest computerized systems. They include a card that contains information for giving access to the restricted area. In this discussed context, an access control system refers to an electronic card that contains information to enter a secured area. The sole purpose of an access system is to increase convenience for authorized persons to access the area and restrict access to unauthorized persons.

Components of the AccessControl System

The components of card access control systems vary due to the complexity and type of the system. However, here are some of the basic components of the systems.

Access Card
Commonly referred to as an electronic key, the access card is used to gain access to the system. It is used as a sieve to distinguish between authorized and unauthorized persons trying to access the control system. Each card has unique coding that distinguishes valid users. Most cards have the shape and size of credit cards and hence can be carried along with ease.

Card Readers
These are the electronic devices that are used to read the information stored in the card. Card readers access the information in the card and verify if it is valid. If the information is valid, access is granted to the secured area. There are different types of readers, for insertion readers the card is inserted for recognition while for proximity readers the card is held some distance from the reader.

Control Keypad
The control keypads may be used to complement or replace card readers. Usually, the cards also carry a unique numerical value that can be recognized by the system. The keypad requires the person seeking access to enter a numerical code which is then verified by the system before access is granted.

Electric Lock Hardware
The electric lock hardware is used to physically lock the doors which are controlled by the access control system. The construction conditions of the door determine the type of electric locks to be used.

The Automatic Unlocking Feature

The access control system may be set up in a way that it automatically unlocks during specific times of the day as desired. When the automatic unlock mode has been enabled the doors controlled by the system can be unlocked without the need to verify the access card. The mode can be set on the master server for specific times or to individual doors on a daily basis.

Reporting Features

The access control system automatically records the different activities done in the system. A database commonly known as the system journal is used to store the transactions done on the system. Some of the transactions recorded by the journal include — valid access, invalid access, and forced access. This makes it easy to generate reports on the transactions of the system.

Whenever you wish to install access control systems at your place, you should search for accredited locksmith Del City agents to guide you through the process.

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