Best Door Lock Buying Guide

Locks and security systems have evolved over the past years, making the safety and security a prime concern. The importance of locks is known by everybody still there are incidences of not using proper locks and being robbed as an outcome. The absence of proper locks makes the inhabitants or belongings threat to fraud and robbery. Hire reliable services from a professional mobile locksmith in Tulsa OK.

Door Lock

There are different types of locks depending upon their applicability and use, but the most common type of locks are used in buildings are door locks. The door locks are affixed on the surface of the door for locking. The fundamental purpose of using door lock is to protect people and things, keeping them safe under a roof. The door lock is a precautionary step to ensure the safety and security of the inhabitants and stabilize a safe environment.

Mechanism of Door Lock

The door lock is a locking device that is adjusted with the door, making it affix with the adjacent wall so that the door cannot be opened without unlocking the system. A frame of strike plate is used to attach the lock in position with the door. This part makes it easier to detach the lock and replace it when needed. Every lock is paired with a set of keys, and for locking the door, when a key is inserted, it goes inside the cylinder. A cylinder is that part of the lock, which helps in locking and unlocking of the door by the insertion of keys. The cylinder contains many pins that help the correct key to open the lock. The pins inside the cylinder move with the key helping the bolt inside the lock to open the door. The modifications and alterations in these parts make different types of door locks available in the market.

Type of Door Locks

The type of door locks selected is based on two factors, i.e., type of the door and function of the lock. There are different types of locks for doors with a different set of properties:

  1. Doorknobs are the most common type of door lock, which contains one or two cylinders, making the user open the door from one or both the sides.
  2. Hand lever locks are the modified version of doorknobs with a lever attached to the knob. This lock is suitable for locking doors inside a building, as it does not provide high security.
  3. Handle set locks contains a key knob or keyed opening on the door with a handle for easy opening and provides aesthetic appeal to the exterior of the door.
  4. Deadbolt is a more secure version of locks, giving extra security against intruders.
  5. Barrel bolt is a type of sliding bolt lock that is further attached with external locks if required. This type of lock is designed for interior use.
  6. Cam locks are used in cabinet locks, making the appearance aesthetic, and most of the parts are not visible from outside.
  7. Mortise locks are also used with a different set of mechanism that utilizes the lockset to thread with mortise components to provide security

The door should be scrutinized before the installation of the locks and the best suitable lock should be used for the doors. For the best results, hire reliable mobile locksmith in Tulsa OK services.

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