Best locations in & around your home for installing security cameras

Home security has become priority today as the number of thefts is increasing day-by-day. Using security cameras is one way in which you can ensure protection for your home. Enhance your overall security with the help of a reliable locksmith in Yukon OK.

Furthermore, here are the best locations where you can install these devices to provide security:

1. Front doors

Install a peephole camera so that intruder gets an idea about it and it keeps hidden from their eyes. In case it is not available, you can place the camera at the level of your home’s second-floor and focus it on the front portion. For homes that have just one level, it would be ideal to enclose the camera on the front door in mesh wiring as that would secure it from errant rocks or sticks.

2. Garden area

Sprawling lawns with antiques and expensive accessories installed around can attract intruders to the yard. For security, you can install a surveillance camera with night vision. In case your backyard is fenced, make sure that you have a camera mounted at the entrance gate as well. Moreover, you can place a camera that is in sight so that the intruder would think twice before entering your house.

3. Back door

Back and side doors are another common target for the burglars so it would be better if you install the cameras here. You should fix the cameras on each of the entry doors in your house for a better visual access. Also, place the camera at a significant height so that it is out of reach of the human hands. Install a camera that is weatherproof and comes equipped with night vision. Moreover, you can choose cameras that come with audio and optical zoom options as well.

4. Windows present off-street

The rear window is one of the break-in areas in the house from which the burglars happen to enter in most of the cases. As this window is not directly visible from the street, it becomes easier for the burglars to hide and get in the house without facing the fear of getting caught. By placing the camera at the rear windows, you would be able to catch the intruders easily who might be hiding from the street view. The best security option available in such a case is to use a wireless security camera that comes with remote attributes and can be operated with the help of a mobile phone or a tablet.

5. Basement Stairs

Several homes have basements that have access to the hatches or doors or have small windows through which anyone can crawl through. Due to this reason, it would be better to place a camera on the stairs that lead up from the basement area so that you can record any intrusion or can keep an eye on the movement in that area. Install a motion sensor security camera that offers a night vision, as well as this, is the time when you most of the theft happens. If you have sufficient budget, you can even make use of motion-sensitive cameras that come with infrared night vision and provides more functionality.

Hope you are now aware of the places where you should install the security cameras in your home in order to ensure maximum protection for the home. Ensure the best-ever security with the help of a reliable locksmith in Yukon OK.

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