A Brief Guide — Tips to Avoid Locking Keys in Your Car

Perhaps you have found yourself or someone close to you in that frustrating moment when they lock their keys in the car. This renders you to the extra work of searching for the spare.

You may be making calls to get spare keys in order to access the keys you locked in the car. If you are unable to find spare keys then hiring locksmith Moore OK is the best way to resolve the issue. If you are often caught up in such situations, here are some tips which may help you evade the frustration.

Confirm Every Door

Whenever you think you have locked keys in your car, the first thing you should do is to check all doors if they are locked. Try to open each and every door including the trunk. Most probably all the doors will be locked but it is good to confirm since it can take time to call a professional only to find that one of the passenger doors was open.

Check the Key Fob

This you should do first during the purchase of the car. If you use a key fob to start your car instead of a key, take a look at it. If you use a fob to start your car there is a probability that your actual key is hidden in the remote. Before calling a professional locksmith, check your fob to confirm if the key is there. If the fob has a key, there will be a button to extract it.

Have a Spare Key for the Car

This is now when your keys are locked in, every door is locked, the fob is either inside the car or it doesn’t have an extra key and there is no more way for hope. Here, the only help you can get without involving a locksmith is a spare key. When hiding a spare key outside your car avoid the obvious positions which may be accessed by thieves.

Another option apart from hiding a spare key is having the key with you all the time. Some prefer fixing their spare keys on their necklaces since they are sort of permanent. For those who do not like necklaces, other options include wallets.

Let your Trusted Friend have a Spare

If you still can’t find interest in carrying key with you, give it to your trusted friend. For couples, it is preferred to have a spare key on the spouse’s keychain. The closest friend or neighbor can also be the bear the responsibilities of your spare key. When giving the key to a trusted friend choose one who is close to you. Don’t give the key to a friend who resides far away from you since it will be hard to access the key.

Getting the habit of locking your doors from outside using your key fob will also prevent you from locking the key inside the car. However, if all the above tips fail to help the situation, look for a locksmith Moore OK to help open your door professionally and get your key.

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