Can Cops Help You Unlock Your Car? 3 Reasons Not To Call the Cops

In the event of being locked out of one’s car, some people tend to dial 9-1-1 for help from the police. You might think that cops can help you unlock your car and that they are equipped with various tools to help unlock doors and arrive much faster than roadside assistance or locksmiths, but when all is said and done, summoning the police to help you open a locked door is not all that worth it.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not call the police in the event of getting locked outside your car:

They Might Not Be Able To Get The Job Done
A police officer could agree to help you try to open your car door, but actually getting the door open is another story. It will be even harder for them to be able to open your locked door if your car has newer, keyless technology. Maybe you think they might help pick your lock or use some unique, special device. The truth is, they do not have the skills of an automotive locksmith in OKC, and they might not have any tools on them to help you open your door. They will try to force the door open, and end up damaging it. Or if they can’t get it open, they will have a tow truck move the car. Neither of these scenarios gives you an outcome that is favorable.

They Could Charge You For It
Some people might assume that police would also be able to help you for free, but calling 9-1-1 is for urgent matters and emergencies only. A police officer’s objective is to uphold public safety. Unless you were in grave danger, getting in your car is not what an officer urgently has to be doing. Being locked out of your car and exposed to the elements of the outdoors is not considered being in danger, and that is especially true if you are parked outside a building where you can take shelter from heat, rain, and snow.

Thus, you may end up having to pay them for not just the call but possibly having to come to your location, and possible using a tow truck as well. Basically, you would be getting a ticket for summoning an officer when there is no real urgent problem for him or her to take care of. You would rather call an automotive locksmith in OKC for help. Even though you’d still need to pay for their services, they will at least be able to help you open your locked doors.

Their Time Would Be Wasted
Rather than helping a person open a door, the police could instead be stopping a crime or going after a dangerous or reckless driver. If an officer has to help you deal with your locked car, they have diverted away from a more important issue that has or could arise. Having them try to unlock your car door would be wasting their time because they get paid to face more important matters around the city.

Call An Automotive Locksmith Instead
By calling a locksmith in Oklahoma City, they may not be able to arrive at your location like emergency police, but they should arrive at their earliest convenience to help you get your car open safely and painlessly. It is worth waiting for these locksmiths so that your car is opened in a safe manner, and you won’t have to end up paying for broken locks or tow trucks. Simply call the locksmith and it will guarantee to be your own expense coming out of your sticky situation.

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