6 Car Key Problems To Make You Call A Locksmith

Have you ever been in a situation when rushing to go somewhere but your car can’t start? At this moment, your mind begins racing to discover the reason for this. Therefore, it pays to figure out the cause of your car problem as early as possible. You have to understand some of the common problems that might happen to your car key and seek professional assistance. To shed more light on this, here are 6 car key problems to make you call a locksmith.

Damaged lock

There’s a high possibility that your car lock is damaged when it fails to start. Perhaps your car key is faulty or worn out. Car locks require keys. So, if you’re regularly using your car key for unlocking your car door, the lock internal mechanism wears down with time. Additionally, environmental changes and external fore can also cause considerable damage to the lock. Dirt and debris can also make the lock fail to work properly. The locksmith can clean the lock and make it work properly again.

Damaged key

Apart from breaking, the car key can get damaged in various ways. Perhaps the key groove can’t correspond to the internal mechanism or ignition. Additionally, car keys are prone to wear and tear. Therefore, you must pay attention to the effects of regular use on the keys. Lack of maintenance comes with an increased possibility of key damage. Altering the key grooves over time might make it fail to work with the lock internal mechanism. This might explain the reason to call a locksmith to repair your locks.

Key not programmed

Modern car keys require pairing adding a more secure layer of security. This is through transmitters that enhance interaction between the car and the key. When your car fails to work with your key, there might be a possibility of the key not being yet programmed to work with your car. This can happen after replacing car key remote or acquired duplicate keys. You need an auto locksmith Del City to program the transponder key and the key FOB to work with your car.

Faulty ignition cylinder

Car keys function with a lock mechanism. Therefore, when the car fails to work with your key, it’s not always a problem with the key. The problem might be resulting from a damaged car ignition. Cars are a combination of moving components. Therefore, the components including the ignition are prone to wear and tear. Ensure to call a locksmith to fix your ignition to make your car key work again.

Drained Fob batteries

Another reason why your car key might fail to work is when the FOB batteries are drained. This is noticeable when your car doesn’t respond to commands and signals from the FOB. It might indicate that the batteries are drained. Here, the simple solution is to replace the batteries. However, if the FOB still fails to work, then you have to call the locksmith.

Damaged key FOB

When the key FOB has internal damage, communication between the transmitter and the receiver becomes impossible. The car key won’t work as expected. This internal damage will affect the working of the car’s internal electronics making the receiver or transmitter not to work properly. The damage might result from dropping your keys or knocking the internal FOB components out of alignment.

Bottom line

Your car key might fail to work because of any of the above reasons. However, keeping the number of a reputable locksmith on your speed dial is a smart idea.

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