Choosing Between Rekeying and Lock Change

If you have ever lost the apartment key, moved to a new home, or ever had to fire an employee, then you are no stranger to the feeling of getting your lock changed. However, did you know that getting your locks rekeyed is as good as getting them replaced? But is it always the best solution?

In this article, we will go into the detail of rekeying vs. lock change so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Rekeying?
Lock rekeying is a technical process that requires an expert locksmith to change the working of an existing lock so that it is no longer operational with the old key. According to a Locksmith Service in Edmond OK, a locksmith does that by taking the lock apart and replacing the key pins with new ones.

Each series of key pins in a lock respond to a particular key so that when replaced with different ones, a new key will be needed to work the lock. A locksmith may also need its existing key in order to rekey the lock.

Rekeying your locks is a cheaper option than lock replacement as you will only be charged with the labor costs. The best thing about rekeying the locks is that it works on all kinds of locks and that too without affecting its integrity.

Rekeying is the perfect solution to make the old key unusable and to match more keys for the same ones. For example, if your house a lot of locks with a separate key for each of them, then the homeowner can get the locks rekeyed so that they are all matched to the same key. However, for the locks to be matched to the same key, they must all belong to the same brand or have similar keyholes.

When should you Re-key your locks?

Here are some scenarios to rekey your locks:

  1. You want to upgrade your security by making the old key unusable
  2. To match the same key to all the locks in the house

What is lock replacement?
Over the years, your locks suffer at the hands of regular use and onslaught of weather conditions. In this case, it is a good idea to replace the old locks with new ones to maintain their security. You may also consider changing them for purely aesthetic reasons. Since your locks are your first line of defense against intrusion attempts, it is advisable to only purchase quality hardware locks.

When should you replace your locks?

  1. When you want locks in a different design or color
  2. You want to upgrade your security and change from traditional locks to newer ones
  3. If you have different locks around the house and want them all to work with the same key.

If you want to get your locks changed or rekeyed, then only hire a certified locksmith to carry out the task.

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