Common Car Key Problems

Today, a majority of the car owners do not pay attention to their car keys and ignition system until it stops working. There isn’t anything more frustrating than trying to open your vehicle’s door or start the car only to discover that your car key is malfunctioning. What’s more? Imagine your child is locked in the car and your key fob’s battery is dead plus you have forgotten to bring along spare key set. Car key issues could keep you from starting your vehicle and reaching your workplace within time. Unless you have got mechanical skills, fixing such problems on your own seems to be impossible. Need a car key in OKC services?

Now the good news is you actually need not to worry about the ignition issues as the professional locksmith can settle such problems with ease. However, taking precautions to keep your car keys safe and in a working condition is vital. Here are some common car key problems you should know about.

The Key is damaged
Basically, the transponder car keys last for years. They are way too strong to be torn apart easily. That being said, it isn’t surprising to say that it is because of your negligence that your car keys face premature wear and tear. Most of the people use their car keys regularly; they throw it, drop it, and allow their kids to play with it. As a result, its grooves and edges get damaged, which further makes it tricky for you to insert the key in the ignition. Once your key has worn, you cannot repair it. Hence, use your keys properly and always carry spare keys so that you wouldn’t be locked out of the car if your main car key doesn’t work.

The problem in communication with the ECU
The minute you insert the key in the ignition and turn it, the system delivers a message to the ECU (engine control unit). As soon as the ECU verified the inserted keys, your car starts. For security purpose, each transponder key is unique and could only be used in one vehicle. Sometimes it is not your car keys that don’t let you drive the car but an error in the vehicle’s system could cause complications in the communication system. Now that the ECU doesn’t receive the message on turning your car keys in the ignition, it wouldn’t start the engine and let you drive the car.

The only possible method to solve this issue is reprogramming your key, which again requires the assistance of a professional locksmith.

The key is locked in the trunk
Getting your keys locked in the car is another major issue that won’t let the driver get in the car. In fact, getting locked out of the car is a way too common issue that every second person would experience it at some point in their driving life. Unless you are carrying the spare keys in your pocket, there is no other option than calling a nearest locksmith company to open the car trunk and get back your keys.

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