Common problems with automatic door locks -how to deal with them

Automatic door locks have their set of advantages but at the same time there are certain downsides to using them as they often get damaged or stop functioning if they are not working properly. Also, as the technology is advancing, the door and window lock systems have also become complex to ensure tight security of home or even vehicles in which they are installed. However, as these are a part of machinery, they too get worn out over course of time and lead to small issues which trouble owners.Take help from a reliable locksmith service in Edmond OK.

Furthermore, here are some of the problems associated with the use of automatic door lock systems that you should know about:

Insufficient Voltage

If you have one lock that is not working properly and the other one is functioning well, then there are chances that the problem is related to the voltage. The driver’s door switch makes use of a certain amount of voltage which can help in opening the door locks easily without a fail. In case there is a failing door relay or issues with the bad receiver and there are chances that there is no enough voltage which can operate the locks.


In an automated door lock system, the cable is attached to the manual lock bottom on the door side and then connected to the lock system. When the door stops working, then it might be possible that there are chances of the cables getting damaged physically. There might also be a circumstance in which moisture has taken over the elements which might corrode the cable, lock it in place or make it difficult to operate the electrical system.


If the locks suddenly stop functioning then there are chances that there is fuse in the system. In case you have automatic doors in the car and the equipment such as radio happens to stop working, then there are chances that there is a blown fuse. As a solution, you can check up the owner’s manual and find out the reason behind the fuse and replace it all by yourself.

Worn out actuator

Another major issue associated with the automatic door lock systems is a damaged actuator. It is usually fitted inside the locking system and contains a small motor that comes with a gear and a shaft. If the gear is worn out then there are chances that the lock has stopped functioning. You should be regular while examining such parts. Also, you should remove the door panel and unscrew the cover once in a while to make sure that the parts present inside are working properly. Also, the car dealer from which you have purchased the car should provide you with good solutions regarding the replacement of the actuator in case it is damaged.

If any of these problem arises with you door system, it would be better that you go through the manual or call a professional immediately and avoid the problem before it becomes too late for you. Hire reliable locksmith service in Edmond OK.

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