Different Types of Locks You Must Know About

Are you looking forward to installing new locks in your home? When it comes to buying the best locks out there either for residential or commercial purposes, you can come across a wide variety of locks out there. Since the inception of the locks, the overall locking technology has evolved drastically from being mere pieces of rope knots to metallic pieces and even wireless locking systems in the modern scenario. For ensuring the top-notch functioning of the locking system in your home or commercial premise, hire services from a reliable .

While searching for the best locks out there, you might come across a wide variety of the locks available. Here are some of the most common types of locks you should know about:

Padlocks: Padlocks are considered as the most common types of freestanding locks that are quite easy to find and install in any setup. With the very first Padlocks being utilized by people of the ancient Babylon and Egypt, the padlocks are famous for their portability. The padlocks come in the variation of combination padlocks and key-based padlocks for enhanced utilization. Combination padlocks require a specific series or sequence for unlatching the locking mechanism.

On the other hand, the key-based padlocks make use of a specialized key for unlocking the same. There is also one more variation of the padlocks referred to as “TSA –approved locks.” These locks are typically utilized when you are traveling to the United States and can be used for securing your overall luggage.

Deadbolts: Deadbolts are considered more secure than the standard spring locks as they cannot be opened unless a specialized key that is used for rotating the lock cylinder to its open position. You can come across the deadbolts on homes or other exterior doors for serving as an external layer of security when used as a combination with the less-secure locking systems. The deadbolts also tend to have several variations including a single cylinder, double cylinder, lockable thumbturn styles, and jimmy proof deadbolts.

Locks in Handles: These locks come embedded in the handle of the doors and have various types including:

  1. Knob Locks: These are most commonly used in the exterior doors of the home and used in combination with the deadbolt lock. They are usually in the form of a single spring lock. These are not considered highly secure when used in the exterior doors of homes or offices.
  2. Lever Handle Locks: The locks that come with lever handles are most commonly observed in the commercial settings and are mostly used only in the interior doors of offices. They come with a specialized lever that performs the role of the rotatable turn knob.
  3. T-Handle or Vending Locks: T-handle locks are also referred to as “vending locks” –mostly because they are used mostly used in ATMs and vending machines.

When you are considering installing locks in your home or office premise, hire reliable services from a professional locksmith in Guthrie OK.

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