Different Types of Locks

Be honest, how many times have you paid attention to the types of locks when you are upgrading your home security or that of your office? The chances are, you picked something that was the cheapest or simply bought the ones that were recommended to you by a locksmith. However, knowing the type of locks and their functions can help you align your choice with your needs and budget to make an ultimate selection.

Having said that, here are some of the most common lock types and their uses.

Doorknob Locks

These are the most common locks that are usually installed on the front doors of many homes and businesses. They are easy to install, cheap, as well as simple. Needless to say, they are a popular choice for most users. However, the problem with these locks is that they operate with an ancient spring-loaded system of pins that are vulnerable to being manipulated by a thief. They can also be broken with a force attack! Even the lock picking technique used by small time criminals can give away the lock.

Handle Locks

These are usually installed on the door inside the premises. Lever handles are common but not as secure as you’d like them to be. They can be easily defeated by a determined intruder. However, they are also a great option to provide access to those who have limited mobility. Instead of a doorknob, these doors come with a handle that needs to be pushed down to open the door. They are also available in variety of styles and designs that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your doors.


Expert locksmith in Mustang OK agrees that you must definitely install a deadbolt on your exterior doors. They are affordable and provide adequate protection from unlawful access. Deadbolts are also available in different styles as well as sizes that can fit all kinds of doors.


These unique locks are standalone and can be attached to any kind of lock to provide an extra layer of security. You can take your pick among combination locks, digital locks, and keyed locks. These type of locks require professional intervention in case it gets jammed or you get locked out of the house.

Mortise Locks

They have been around for decades and for a good reason. This secure lock is integrated into the door itself. To install the lock, a locksmith needs to create a section inside the door to fix the lock mechanism inside.

Keypad Locks

These locks either come with a physical or a digital keypad. To open the door, you are required to insert a unique pin. These types of locks are expensive but they are also extremely secure.

Now that you know all types of locks in the market, make sure you carefully assess your security situation and then choose the one that suits your needs as well as budget the most.

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