4 Most Popular Door Lock Problems Locksmiths Have to Deal With

There has been an increase in door lock problems in every part of the world. Recent statistics released by Forbes reveal 80 % of the problems locksmiths encounter are common throughout the various states in the US.

The door locks are known to be part of our daily lives that we never put much thought into. The door locks help in keeping your family, properties, co-workers, or possessions secure and safe to prevent you from any worries whenever you are not at home. Whenever something goes wrong in our homes when we are away, one common thing we usually think of are the locks. Things tend to go terribly wrong especially when the locks have a problem.

However, locksmiths are known to have all the tricks that will enable you to get your locks on the right track. Here are the four most popular door lock problems most locksmiths are known to encounter in their line of duty.

1. Broken Keys in Door Locks

One of the most frustrating lock problems any locksmith in Oklahoma City will encounter in their line of duty is broken keys in door locks. In most cases, the broken keys are known to occur when one is short on time and trying to rush in securing or opening the lock. One way you can avoid the broken key in locks is by closing or opening the doors is by taking your time whenever you are locking or unlocking the doors so that you can not only protect the key from breaking inside the lock but also ensure that the lock is properly secured to help in keeping your home or business premises safe.

2. Keys Failing to Get Into the Locks

There are a few reasons why you might not be in a position to insert your key into a lock. Most locksmiths are known to receive calls from stressed people at odd hours complaining of their house door keys failing to get into the door locks. However, homeowners can easily prevent experiencing such a problem by ensuring they are using the right key to open the lock. They can also check with their professional locksmiths for cheap and easy ideas in organizing their keys to ensure the keys remain organized and are used in the correct way. However, there might be a chance the key may have been correctly cut if it is a new key. This explains why it is advisable to use an experienced locksmith in making new keys.

3. Slow Door Locks

Slow door locks are known to be a relative fix for locksmiths. This problem is known to occur when grime or dirt accumulates in your lock over a certain time. In case you are interested in a do-it-yourself method to help solve the problem, you can try a slow and controlled inserting of a cotton swab into the lock to try to attract the grime or dirt. If it fails to work, you can resort to lubricating your lock. However, never use oil or grease in lubricating locks. They can clog up the log and cause further problems. Always use silicone or graphite spray when lubricating the locks. In case you are not familiar with the locks or do not have the right tools, you can always contact a professional locksmith who has the knowledge, skills, and right tools to help get your lock-in top shape again.

4. Doors Won’t Latch

In most cases, the door will fail to latch since the bold on the door was not properly aligned with the doorjambs strike plate. The locksmiths will make simple repairs such as making minor latch adjustments or it can be as complex as repositioning the door. Locksmiths will be able to offer you the best solution at an affordable price.

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