Four Creative Places to Hide Your Spare House Key

To avoid being locked out of your house entirely, you should consider getting a spare house key made. While you will need to hide it some place to be able to retrieve it from outside the home, it is also important to not put it in a place that a potential intruder can locate it. Finding your extra key is the simplest way that an intruder can loot your home.

Under the entrance mat is a place that has worn out its welcome, and is often the first place that strangers will look for a key if they want to get in. Instead, here are some clever places to put a spare key for you and family members that don’t have any other means of getting inside the home.

If you need a key for your house made, have a locksmith in Tulsa OK help you out. In the meantime, here are some clever places you can put a spare key.

Along Your Rain Gutter

A rain gutter is a great place to hide a spare key, but not all gutters are great for doing this. You will need a closed gutter that can direct water away from the home. You would like the key to be placed inside the gutter on the top wall, so that it’s both concealed from the human eye and safe from getting touched by rain water. You can buy tape or Velcro strips to keep the key secure inside the gutter.

Your Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioning unit that is outdoors, there are multiple places inside of its shell where you can keep your spare key without affecting its performance. The number of places you can put your key however depends on the model you have. Our advice about hiding your key with you’re A/C however is to be sure it’s concealed if somebody were to possibly stand over it. If you buy a small magnet, you can stick your key to a surface or wall inside the unit.

A Fake Sprinkler Head

Fake sprinkler heads are increasing in popularity due to how inexpensive they are and how easy they are to use for homeowners. They also make great options for homeowners that do not have an outdoor A/C unit, gravel, or an elaborate gutter system. These heads can be spiked into the ground to look like your typical sprinkler system head. How they work is that they have a lid you can remove and there is a compartment where you put your spare key in. You can place this head in either your front or back yard and your key will be there when you need it.

Behind Your Car’s License Plate

You can hide your spare key behind your license plate so that it’s always with you when you arrive home. The key however has to be screwed in along with the plate, so you will need to screw in the key behind it in order to keep the key safe and secure with your car at all times. If the hole is too small, you can drill this hole to be bigger, otherwise it won’t work. Another clever hiding spot for your spare key, albeit with some mechanical skills required.

These are just several creative ways in which you can prevent break-ins by hiding your spare house key. Burglars will always look in the most obvious hiding places for keys, so it’s important to be one step ahead of them by hiding them in places that are either beyond their knowledge or where they will never think about looking.

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