Four Types of Locks You Can Buy for Lockers

If you run an office, a school, or another locale, you likely have a series of lockers or containers for each employee or student. But which type of locks are necessary for your locker? There are many different types of locks that can make lockers secure in different ways, but it can be hard to figure out which would be the best for your lockers.

Buy all your locks from a professional locksmith Mustang OKC. You can either have them installed onto your locker with professional assistance or have them shipped to your location.

Without further ado, here are all the types of locks that you can install for lockers.

Built-in locks.

Built-in locks are durable, simple to use, are affordable and secure. Many built-in locks are also designed to work on various types of lockers as well. This type of lock uses a tri-digit dial, including 5 or more combination changes. What is great about these locks is that people will never manage to lose them. What isn’t so great about them in, regards to school, is that their combinations must be changed every year if students are to get new lockers.

Combination padlocks.

Combination padlocks are one of the most popular when it comes to lockers. For lockers that don’t have a lock already, these are easy to install and to secure onto a locker. You might have used padlocks from Masterlock or a similar brand before. These locks are durable, and work like traditional dial locks.

As an alternative to combination locks, you can also consider keyed locks. You would require a unique key (included, of course) to open this lock. Keys, however, can be easy to misplace or lose, and it could be simpler to remember a combination.

Electronic locks.

Although a more modern type of lock, there are many kinds of electronic locks that exist for use in schools and offices. They can be installed on almost any type of locker, such as the ones that you already own. There are electronic locks that are keyless, and ones that have keypads. These locks are simple to program. For keyless locks, a card or badge is required for locker access. For keypad locks, a 4-digit number combination is required. Either of these locks can be compatible with software too, so that they can be accessible by an admin. Codes can also be reset, too, making them ideal for places where lockers constantly change hands. Ask your locksmith Mustang OKC for more information.

Coin-operated locks.

We don’t recommend this type of locker for schools or business offices, but if you happen to own a gym, bowling alley, swimming pool, airport, or another public area with lockers, these would be the most ideal. Coin-operated locks are highly secure and easy to use. The user has, to insert a coin or token, and a key will be dispensed from the lock. The user can use the locker until he or she returns the key. There are also similar locks that work the same way but require the swipe of a card.

These are some of the locks that you can use for your business or school. If you are not sure of what type of locks you would like to have, measure the dimensions of your lockers and imagine how the locks that you would be considering would look. Would they look secure? Easy to use? Visually appealing? Unless you buy portable locks, you will also need our professional assistance to install each lock on your lockers.

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