Four Ways to Protect Your Home When on Vacation

If you are thinking of going on vacation, you might be wondering what you could do to protect your home if nobody can guard it. If potential burglars notice that your house hasn’t been active in days, they can easily attempt to loot it.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent burglars from trying to break into your home. This way, you can enjoy your vacation and not potentially deal with loss and damages when you return home. Here are 4 things you can do to keep your home safe when you and your family are away.

Install strong locks for your doors

Windows and doors can serve as easy points of entry for intruders. This means you should not use just any locks. The best locksmith in Tulsa recommends installing deadbolt locks for the front and back doors of the home. Deadbolt locks are very hard to compromise without a key, and even just the looks of these locks can be enough to discourage potential thieves from even trying to break in.

Install motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights are a recently new and innovative type of outdoor light that has proven its worth on the market. Most of these lights can be used as a replacement for your typical flood light, and how they work is that they only turn on when it’s dark outside and something is moving within 20 or so feet in front of it. You will never need to turn them on manually. Motion sensor lights can easily be mistaken by potential thieves for manually-operated lights in which they will get an idea that somebody is home and they can see them outside.

Buy new light bulbs and leave them on

Lights can be left on all day and night in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or anywhere that light is most present from outside the home at night. We suggest buying new light bulbs just for this occasion so that you can be sure that they will still be on when you come home. If you aren’t certain have much time your current light bulbs have left, save them for later and don’t risk using them in trying to protect your home.

Pause your mail

Of course, thieves can also steal from you without even having to enter your home. If you are anticipating valuables inside packages, bills to pay, and magazines you want to read, somebody can easily just take it from your mailbox. What you need to do to prevent mail theft is to contact USPS or visit their website and request that they hold your mail for you. They can easily do this and when you return home from your vacation, they can give you your mail at their location.

If you still get a newspaper daily, you can also opt to stop it from delivering for the time being, just so that they do not fill up inside your mailbox.

Pausing your mail, however, can backfire by a slim chance. If a potential thief observes your home and notices that the mail truck passes it, it tells them that you’re not home. This is something worth considering as all who do this need to understand the risks involved.

These are just a few of the simplest ways in which you can prevent home break-ins when you are on vacation. Get stronger locks, keep the windows looking secure, consider motion sensors lights at night, and think about having your mail held if you are anticipating important packages or documents.

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