How does a master key system work?

Losing the keys of our houses is quite common. And if we lose the keys, we can’t get into our home until and unless we have another key that can open the lock. Here comes the use of master keys. Using master keys is the solution to every problem we have about the keys. Master keys fascinate many people in the way they can open almost any lock. For improved lock security, you can hire reliable locksmith Midwest City OK services.

Many people wonder what can be the mechanism behind these keys that can open any door in this world.

Now, surely there is some math involved in this process. And in this article, we will talk about the mechanism behind these master keys.

Most of the master keys in this world function based on the system of a first pin tumbler lock.

The basic design of this lock involves a series of pins of different lengths. These pins in the system are segregated into pairs.

Each pair is placed in a shaft that runs through the central cylinder. Springs that are attached to these pairs of pins work by keeping them in place. When no key is there in the lock, the bottom pin of each pair remains entirely inside the plug, and the upper pin is halfway through the plug. The position of the top pins plays an essential role in keeping the plug in its position.

When you put a key inside this lock, the pins are pushed up to another level. If you are inserting an incorrect key, the pins will be pushed somewhere halfway and it won’t open the lock. When the right key is inserted, the pins are pushed just the right amount so that the cylinder and the housing touch each other at the shear line. This opens the lock.
It is easy to create a master key system using this pin lock function. We need to add a master pin between the driver and the key pin. This master pin is a pin-shaped like small hockey puck. With master pins in place, the overall stack will have two shear lines.

Why are the master keys used?

The basic aim behind using master keys is to offer convenience to people, especially at the workplace. No organization would want its employees to carry a large number of keys with them. And also, organizations cannot hand over all the keys to everybody in the office. Keys having access to all the locks are to be provided only to a few employees.

Master key allows senior administration to restrict this access within the company.

When we look at the convenience provided by the master keys, we are compromising with the security. You will have to be prepared that your lock systems will be vulnerable to attacks. As more and more people have access to the master keys, this risk will only increase. Enhance the overall security of your home or office with the help of reliable locksmith Midwest City OK services.

Now that you know the primary mechanism behind the working of master keys, it will be easier for you to weigh in the consequences of them for your office or house.

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