How Does Locksmith Make Keys?

Key duplication, key decoding, and rekeying are some of the common jobs of a locksmith. People often wonder how locksmiths manage to duplicate a key for different locking mechanisms. Well, locksmiths have the mechanical skills and years of experience that help them rekey a home or design a new key for a specific lock with lost keys.

Whether you have lost home keys or got yourself locked out of a car, a locksmith is the first person you will dial. Only a licensed and professional locksmith has the potential to arrive at your place, check your lock mechanism, and create new keys for your home. But the question is how do they do it? Let’s find out.

Designing New Car Keys with Scoping

Even though the keyless ignition system has become the number one choice of car manufacturers and buyers, some truck and vehicle models still have those traditional locking mechanisms for lost keys.

Sometimes, people get their remote car keys locked inside their car and they end up being locked out of the vehicle. In such cases, locksmith makes car keys to help the driver get access to the vehicle without having to spend a fortune on buying a new transponder key.

Scoping is the process of inserting a small instrument into the vehicle’s lock. The scope inserted into the car’s lock system reads the lock mechanism and helps locksmiths to design the matching car key that could open the car doors safely.


Most lock manufacturers provide the car buyers with a factor key code that can be used by a locksmith for duplicating the car keys in case of an emergency. This factor code consists of a series of letters and characters. Only a licensed and qualified locksmith is able to read these characters and use this information to cut new car keys that match the lock structure.

The process of cutting a new key using the factor codes or visual key assessment is known as decoding. The process works for both lost keys and worn-out keys. The factor code is mostly available on a key or lock cylinder.

Lock Disassembly

Locksmiths can disassemble the lock cylinder to assess the height, length, and alignment of the lock pins. Lock disassembly is mostly considered the last resort since the procedure is time-consuming. A locksmith may need to spend hours disassembling the lock and evaluating its structure so that a brand-new key can be designed.

Lock disassembly isn’t common. Locksmiths only prefer this process when replacing the lock seems challenging such as the locks of the heritage home. Lock disassembly can also be performed on car locks.

Bump Keys

Bump keys are a unique form of keys that are designed to fit into residential doors, bathroom doors, and other mechanical locks. After inserting the key into a mechanical door, locksmith twists the key slightly to open the door.
These were the few lock key designing techniques. Should you misplace your car key or lose keys to your home, contact your nearest locksmith agency and have the duplicate keys designed. Good Luck!

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