How to decorate the main door of your house?

The main entrance of your home that leads from the main door needs to be well maintained so that people feel welcomed when they visit your home. For its ultimate security, avail services from a reliable locksmith in Moore OK.

Here are some of the ways in which you can decorate the front area of your home:

1. Use plants on the main door

Plants can lighten up the front area of your home which is why they are ideal for any door type. You can create a personal statement by picking the flowers and plants of your choice which you think would look best in your front area. You can even use climbers and garden accessories to make it look even more beautiful. However, make sure that you do not place too many or too fewer plants otherwise space might look odd. You can even line up the flower in contrasting colors to make the area look vibrant.

2. Walls

The walls of your front door should not be neglected and should rather be painted with fresh stroke, so they do not appear people who are visiting you. Also, the walls should be clean and look neat as these are present at the entrance of your house and you would not want anyone to take a bad impression when they go. In addition to that, you should also make sure to protect the front walls against any sort of weather damage by using good quality paint that would stay on for longer and would prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on them.

3. Lighting

Use appropriate lighting that would give a warm feel to the homes so that space looks welcoming to the guests. You can also set up a mini corner near the front area with seating options along with plants all around as that can serve as a good meeting point with the visitors and you can hold your tea sessions in this space. Wall lanterns or pendant lights are ideal for the front area of the house; you can choose any of them according to the ambiance. In case you are running on a budget, you can even go for solar powered lights which can be placed in the planters and would give a soft glow in the dark.

4. Add a canopy

You can choose to use a canopy over the front doors as these look elegant and would give a beautiful appearance to the area. Moreover, this would look best when you are considering installing planters and flower beds on the front portion. These also work best during the rainy seasons and would protect your door from getting wet as the water would fall sideways.

5. Use padlocks for security

You can make the front door of your home advanced by installing a padlock security system so that nobody random can enter your space without your permission. Also, you can use peephole camera to keep a check on the activities that are going around the door so that the chances of home invasion become less. Hire reliable services from a locksmith in Moore OKM.

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