How to ensure the safety of important files and documents in the office?

With the growing online thefts, it has become necessary to ensure the protection of your files and documents so that no confidential information gets leaked out leading to issues later on. This is especially true of data related to business or enterprise which is always on the risk of getting hacked. Look out for a professional commercial locksmith in Tulsa OK.

Here are some of the ways in which you can ensure safety important files and documents in office:

1. Make use of external hard drive: External hard drives can be used to store backup copies of your business files and documents. As these are portable and sturdy, you can open them whenever you to access the files. You can even save your files on the external drive rather than the computer’s hard drive. For this, you would just need to change the default storage location of your files by changing the preferences. You can then change the storage location using the “Advanced” Tab.

2. Prefer using cloud: Cloud storage is considered ideal to store the digital files securely. To ensure this, you can make use of secure URL and be regular with the password change so that no one can invade your privacy. Before you choose a company for cloud storage, you should rather research about it and ensure that it holds a good record of physical and network security. Some of the popular cloud services that you can opt for include Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive.

3. Allow restricted Access to your files: If you want to protect your digital files, you can consider preventing physical damage on your computer and the backup system as well. You should rather invest in a fireproof and waterproof safe or filing cabinet and consider the location of your files and computer. Also, if it is a public or accessible site, your files will not be secure. It would be better if you choose a calamity-proof safe. You should also consider the location of your computer and files as the ones declared public are often not secure. Also, you must not share your password with anyone else.

4. Encrypt your hard drive: Several computers that you would find these days come with the built-in functionality of encrypting the files. There is often a software installed in the computers which help in accessing the software and manage the “System Security.” This is done to ensure that you have backup files which include both external and thumb drives.

5. Use file level security: In order to keep others out of your data, you must ensure to set permissions on data files and folders. If you have data present in network shares, then you can share permissions to control the user accounts which cannot access the files across the network.

Hope you are now aware of the ways in which you can access the files and documents in the office and ensure their safety. Keep these steps in mind to ensure the safety of your files and folders. Hire reliable services from a commercial locksmith in Tulsa OK.

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