How to make your home safe for the kids?

Modern homes are equipped with electronic gadgets which is why it is necessary to keep the homes safe in case there are children at home who need extra attention. Hire a reliable locksmith in Mustang OK to enhance the security levels.

Here are some of the tips that would help you in making your home safe for the children:

Avoid using furniture with sharp corners

Furniture items can prove to a major source of cutting and bruising the children when they tend to play around the house. You should rather choose furniture items that have rounded corners with smooth finishing so that there are fewer chances that the children might get harmed.

Keep the electronic items in check

Household appliances such as space heater, radio, curling iron, etc., should be kept away from the children as there are always chances that they might get an electrical shock in case they plug it in or fall into the water. As a solution, you can place plastic caps on unused electrical outlets including the ones that have extension cords. Doing so would also stop your child from putting anything into the outlet and playing with the extension cord that remains exposed.

Install electronic locks with the help of a locksmith in Mustang OK to enhance the overall home security.

Avoid using things that might cause choking

You must keep the objects away from the toddler’s reach that might cause choking such as safety pins, marbles, small jewellery items, and deflated balloons. Moreover, there are certain food items that you must completely avoid when you are feeding small children such as nuts, raisins, hard candies, grapes, etc.

Keep an eye on items that might cause burns

Hot liquids such as soups, drinks, tap water might lead to severe burn which is why it is necessary that you make sure to keep an eye on the children when they are close to such items. Keep the dangling cords of electric appliances in the kitchen out of the reach of your children. Also, check the water temperature when you are going to bathe them so that they do not get burns on their body.

See to it if there is something that can cause drowning

Drowning happens to be one of the causes of death in children. To make sure that your child stays protected from such an incident keep a check on the bathtubs depth and also if you have a swimming pool in your home make sure that you enclose the area so that your child does not enter the space in your absence.

Protect your children against smoke and fire

Sudden fires and smoke can harm the children as their lungs do not have the capacity to take in the smoke. Test the smoke detectors as to whether they are working or not and replace the batteries once every month to ensure that they are still working. Do not keep lighters or matchsticks near the children as they might cause fires. Also, avoid putting electrical cords under the rugs as a broken wire and cause a fire.

Well, these were some of the tips that would help you to keep the home safe for the children and keep away the casualties.

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