Importance of rekeying the locks

Rekeying is the first and foremost line of security on any of your entry doors. When you cannot maintain nor ensure the integrity of the locks, you really cannot hope to restrict any unwanted or unauthorized entry. Most of the certified locksmiths encourage individuals to have the locks rekeyed post moving to a new house. The locks are also rekeyed even if you lose your keys. It might sound like a great hassle, however not with a locksmith.Hire reliable locksmith in OKC services.

Here are a few reasons why you need to rekey your locks:

Enhancing house’s safety and security

Security is one of the most important reasons for rekeying the locks. After buying a new house, you have no idea as to who previously owned copies of your keys. It might so happen that the previous occupants might have had some spare keys to your home. Rekeying the locks is going to give you complete control over who has access to your home. You will also be assured of having the sole ownership of configured locks.

An affordable service

Rekeying is also an inexpensive affair when compared to that of a full lock replacement. It is a lot easier to rekey than change the entire lock. This is usually true for high-end handles along with long options. Designer handles and locks can be quite expensive; however, rekeying them can help you be economical. You will save a lot of money by rekeying the locks rather than changing locks and lock hardware.


Rekeying is extremely convenient as you no longer need to carry multiple locks. Once you rekey the locks by a certified locksmith, it can be professionally rekeyed and lets you use one single key for opening all locks. This further makes it a lot convenient to carry out your daily activities.

Lets you keep the old hardware

If you choose to replace locks, it might not be possible to find the exact design available in the market. On the contrary, if you opt to rekey the locks, it might be able to keep the old designer hardware.

Saves time

Rekeying locks is a lot faster than replacing them. It takes almost half the amount of time to rekey as compared to the time to replace the locks. Moreover, locksmiths can rekey the premises or home about immediately, whereas you need to wait for a significant time period for having the locks replaced. This is especially true when the hardware needs to be shipped from overseas.

Save yourself from burglary

You might find yourself in a neighbourhood that has a high rate of burglary. Whether it is a lot higher or you have experienced an attempted burglary previously, it is about high time for you to rekey the lock as prevention is always better than cure.


Thus, rekeying is the most effective means for securing your home. It is a lot cost-effective, and not as time-consuming as its counterpart. The best way to get the locks rekeyed is procuring a certified locksmith. Certifies locksmiths can be a little expensive, however worth it. Hire professional locksmith in OKC services.

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