All you need to know about key fobs and access cards

When is the last time that you have seen a physical key which is being used to open the door of an office, building or even doors of an apartment? Physical keys are not usually used anymore because of the security issues and let’s be honest; we lose it all the time! Although it is always advisable to have a physical key as a backup, most of the organizations have updated their system and are using key fobs or access cards. They can be easily managed and provide with better security as well. They are also available at a very reasonable price which has made them even more popular. Hire reliable key fob replacement in OKC services.

Let us see some of some facts about access cards and key fobs.

What are the key fobs?

Have you ever seen a poker chip? The key fobs look precisely like a poker chip. They are small plastic discs which have internal technology built in and they use it for authentication of people. The proximity technology is used to check if the person is authorized to enter a restricted place or not.

When should key fobs be used?

They incorporate a simple technology to check the security. If one is looking for something unsophisticated, subtle and straightforward, they can go for key fobs. They are discreet and small and can be quickly taken out form a key chain to be verified. It is also an excellent option for organizations where the names or photos or any personal information of the employees are not to be revealed. For an ID card, the names or pictures will become visible, and it might not be wanted in organizations which need more security, and hence, one can go for the key fobs. One can also go for a blank access card, but the key fobs are considered to be more convenient because of their structure. A key fob is also preferred where the companies don’t wish to make any additional expense by buying ID card printer, photo ID software which is needed to print a customized access card.

What are the access cards?

These ID cards have inbuilt technology which is usually a MIFAREĀ® smart chip or smart chip, and it can be used for authentication of authorized people in a restricted area. The chips can be determined by the card reader and then it performs a function which was programmed.

When should access cards be used?

It is the best option when it is necessary to have proof which involves a photograph. In key fobs, there is no way that one could check if the device belongs to a particular person or not. In larger organizations, it becomes necessary to have a photo ID proof to ensure that the person belongs to the company or not. It can also be used for multipurpose like for entry in a building and also to mark your attendance.

This is all that one needs to know to get started with key fobs and access key cards. Depending upon their preference, they can choose the one that would like to go for. Get the most out of key fob replacement in OKC services.

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