Know About the Different Types of Security Gates

Are you planning to construct a new gate for your property? Do you think renovating the old gate can do the job? Whether you want to replace the old gate or set up a fence with a new gateway, there are plenty of options to choose from. Hire reliable locksmith Tulsa OK services.

Note that price and aesthetics are not the only factors that must be considered while choosing the appropriate gates for your residential or commercial property. For example, security should be the number one priority of the homeowners when it comes to gates and lock mechanisms. In this post, we have listed the different types of security gates that you can consider for your apartment. Let’s have a look

Swing or Dual Swing Gate

You might have seen the swing gates that either swing from one end or both ends. Such security gates not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they offer good security features. These gates take plenty of time to open and close. Moreover, swing gates require a considerable amount of room for swinging.
For those who want to install swing gates but are running short on space, dual swing gates can seem the ideal solution. These gates require almost half the space needed for a swing gate to open. Since such gates have only a small amount of distance to cover, they open pretty fast.

Barrier Arm

The barrier arm is mostly seen in the parking lots. These are the simplest form of security gates that offer little protection. The best part about these gates is that they can be installed at a fairly low price. Moreover, the process of installation is pretty simple. Barrier gates are not appropriate for homes, but they can be a viable option for commercial buildings and parking garages.

It is important to note that barrier arms do not make a high-quality security gate. Though they do offer security to some extent, people and bicycles can easily pass through barrier arms. Unlike the name, it is not a barrier for people or vehicles.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are another type of advanced security gates that make a perfect option for both businesses and homes. These gates involve a single metal piece that opens into the fencing. To install such gates, you must have some fencing on either side of the gate.

Sliding gates look super appealing as they complement the fence design. You can opt for a rolling slide or cantilever slide gate.

Vertical Lift

Commonly used for commercial purposes, the vertical lift also makes a wonderful option for residential properties as well. As the name implies, these gates require no horizontal room to open. In fact, the gates require only a small amount of space to lift. Even though vertical lifts are small gates, they are quite functional and offer great security. For improved security, hire reliable locksmith Tulsa OK services.

The right security gate is the one that could be opened and closed with ease. So far, automated gates are considered a suitable option for commercial and residential properties.

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