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Everyone requires the services of a locksmith at one time or another in their life. However, most people do not know that locksmiths do much more than just repair broken locks or even replace them. Technological development in both security systems as well as locks has significantly evolved. This means that locksmiths have had to advance as well, and this is inclusive of the tools that they use.


Locksmiths fall in different categories based on the type of security system and locks in question. The main ones are as follows:

Emergency locksmith

This is a locksmith that is always available round the clock to provide their services. They exercise quick response and immediate executions of locksmith related work. They own emergency tools that handle various scenarios i.e. a jammed door, broken lock or a case of burglary. 

Forensic locksmith

This is the most important locksmith with regard to crime scenes. They have tools that help in exploring how a lock at a crime scene was broken into and hacked. These locksmiths are well-equipped to carefully gather all the available evidence when handling locks. They are the best solution of determining how a good security system was broken into by criminals. 

Residential locksmith

This is a locksmith that handles different home security systems. They are fairly common and handle cases of jammed doors, lost keys and problematic security systems. They are well vast in matters keys and locks. This means that they replace lost keys etc.

Commercial locksmith

This type of locksmith is concerned with commercial buildings, offices, schools etc. These are areas with advanced locks and security systems that need access from only a few people such as office employees with authorized key-cards. Generally, most offices utilize biometric system.

Auto locksmith

These professionals help with lost car keys by either replacing them or updating remote control systems. They are skilled to the extent of making a new car key on request. 

Institutional locksmith

Their area of expertise is close to that of commercial locksmiths. They commonly work at universities, schools, colleges and hospitals. They are actually official employees of the places mentioned above. The main job of institutional locksmiths is to maintain security systems daily. This means that they check and update the system as required. They provide access to personnel that are authorized and manage breached security systems or lost key-cards.

It is important to know the different kinds of locksmiths so that hiring a Locksmith in Oklahoma City becomes an easy task to perform.


A good Locksmith in Oklahoma City should be able to handle any of the following locks:

Knob locks – This type of lock can be used in different doors i.e. rear patio doors, garage doors, bedroom door or front door. They are characterized by knobs on either side and there is a lock on one side and a key hole on the other.

Lever-handle locks – They are common on most interior doors. They are easier to access for the handicapped and more stylish compared to standard knob locks. Locking requires pushing or even twisting buttons located on the inner face.

Deadbolt locks – These locks use metal bolts that slide into a door jam. They are cost-effective and secure. A latch inside the door and an external keyhole controls the bolt. 

Keyless entry pads – These are controlled electronically. They are deadbolts with keypads instead of keys. ConclusionPhysical security is important and locksmiths can help in facilitating that with their skills set. 

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