Locksmith Tips for Businesses and Commercial Establishments

We take a lot of precautions for our homes, protecting it from all kinds of thefts and burglaries. However, when it comes to our offices, we slack it off a little. But can you really risk losing your important equipment and sensitive customer data to a burglar? We believe that the answer is no. So why neglect security of your commercial establishments?

In this article, we have gathered some useful tips from reputed commercial Locksmith in OKC to help you secure your business property.

Start from the exterior

When upgrading your office security, always start from the exterior. Think from a burglar’s point of view. Look for places to hide and eliminate them until none is remaining that a thief can leverage. Get rid of overgrowths and bushes. You can also consider touch-sensitive exterior light that will get activated the moment someone walks on the pathway.

Install high quality locks and doors

Make sure that all your exit doors are made of high grade material. It is advisable to get a metal door that will foil the intruder’s attempts to break in. This means that if the thief wants to gain access to your property, they will have to use force entry, something that can be very helpful when you apply for insurance claims.

Other than that, you should fortify your doors with high quality locks that are more durable and sustainable. Experts recommend deadbolt locks for your premises which makes it impossible for burglars to force open.

Surveillance with security cameras

CCTV security cameras are the first thing that a burglar will look for when they try to break into your property. You can discuss your requirements with a reliable locksmith in your city to recommend you a few models based on your budget and needs. Security cameras can be very useful in preventing crime or recording the events that can be later used for insurance as well as prosecution.

Consider using alarm systems

If you have followed all the recommended steps so far, then you can rest assured that your business is pretty secure. However, as an added layer of security, you can also consider including a burglary alarm system. This is another one of your preventive measures that will deter even the most determined thieves. Luckily, growing technological advancements have made these alarms both affordable and useful for your purpose. How do they work? They will detect an unauthorized access and alert the burglars by sounding an alarm. These alarm systems can also notify the nearest police station of an intrusion.

Put all your valuables in a safe

If you keep cash and other valuables in your office, then you must invest in a safe. This is necessary because even if someone gains access to your property, despite all these measures, you would still be able to retain your most important possessions by locking them in a safe.

With these tips, your commercial property will not only become safe but also impenetrable.

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