Mailbox locks tips & trick

Postboxes in townhouses and high rises are commonly those with an entry with keys. Similar to a lock, sporadically a post box keyhole will get hard to work, subsequently harder for checking the mail. You may think that it’s difficult for turning the key, or you may experience difficulty attempting to embed the key inside a lock. Hire services from a reliable Oklahoma City locksmith.

The internal activities of the lock might get fixed because of soil, or even ice in chilly climate, or the lock might be staying. A couple of handy solutions can assist you with loosening your post box keyhole. 

Expelling Soil and Greasing up a Letter drop Keyhole

The first stage:

Pour a liberal measure of scouring liquor onto a cotton ball. Alcohol is successful for cleaning and expelling soil and grime. 

The second stage:

Start pressing the cotton ball against the letterbox keyhole, permitting the liquor to spill into the lock. Rehash a few times until you are sure that a better than average measure of alcohol has saturated the keyhole. 

The third stage:

Permit the scouring liquor to dry all night. The next day, grease up the keyhole by splashing WD-40 inside the lock. 

The fourth stage:

Test the key on numerous occasions. The lock ought to be looser and more straightforward to work. If the lock keeps on staying, continue repeating the procedure and testing it. 

Expelling Ice to Relax a Letter drop Keyhole

The first stage:

Start heating your letterbox key and the keyhole using a hairdryer (cordless) before endeavouring to embed the key into the lock. At the time of chilly climate, ice may develop or frame inside the lock, making it almost difficult to insert the key into the keyhole.  

The second stage:

More than once continue heating the key and the keyhole and hold it under the hairdryer for twenty to thirty seconds. Attempt the key in the letter drop until the ice relaxes and you can work-in the lock. Try not to drive the key inside a lock, or power the way to turn, as this can lead in breaking of the key. 

The third stage:

Shower a de-icer into the post box keyhole if the technique with hairdryer fizzles. De-icers are a snappy method to liquefy away ice to relax the keyhole. De-icers will likewise work to grease up and cleaning of the lock.


Following these tips will ensure you can deal with your mailbox locks appropriately. Your mailbox stores all your most essential data and identification, and hence securing them is vital. Keep in mind, when you purchase another manor, it may have a few keys (at any rate two). Put a key to your pack of keys, and hold another to a convenient spot that is anything but difficult to recollect. You should copy your current key. Making a copy is a lot less expensive than the installation of another. Make the most of services from a reliable Oklahoma City locksmith.

 A little knowledge and cautiousness, when it comes to securing your mailbox, will save you a great deal from possible hassles in the future. 

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