How to Open a Padlock Without a Key

Have you ever wondered how to open a padlock without a key? Unfortunately, you may have no alternative except to smash it once you have stuck the keys in locks and cannot get to whichever security it provides. Luckily, most commercial locks can be quickly bypassed if you have the appropriate tools along with a few skills. Using a sturdy hammer,  shredder, or open-end wrenches will break a regular padlock. For the best results, hire a reliable locksmith in Midwest City OK for experts service.

Using a Hammer to Knock a Padlock Without a Key

When using a hammer to unlock a padlock, you will want to start by applying tension against the end of the shackle by either pulling or applying tension with your fingers. When applying pressure, it should be directed away from the solid padlock body. The pins inside the latch will take the proper position once the pressure is applied. While applying tension, you will want to start tapping on the side of the lock that will pivot. This is usually the side directly above the key opening. Tap the lock’s side repeatedly while applying tension with the hammer or back end of a screwdriver. This method can be efficient in rattling the components of the locking mechanism, to where the shackle can slowly make its way upward past each pin in the mechanism. 

Use Two Wrenches to Open a Padlock 

This method of opening a padlock without a key uses force, applied through leverage. The idea is to apply pressure on the shackle directed away from the Solid padlock body, causing the shackle to pop out of the socket. 

Depending on how much space there is from the top of the shackle to the body and how big the wrenches you are housing are, you will want to align each side of the chain on opposite sides. If you have a lot of room between the shackle and body, you will want to try aligning both chain links on the same side. Now, you will want to align one of the wrenches horizontal to the shackle, insert one of the fingers into the U-shape, putting the wrench close to the lock body. Then, with the second wrench, you will insert it vertically, putting one finder under the U-shaped shackle and the other on top. Next, apply force to each of the wrenches towards each other. This method will not likely not leave your lock reusable but will efficiently open the lock using directional force. 

Using Compressed Air to Crack a Padlock 

You can use a compressed air canister with a screw to unlock a padlock. You can purchase compressed air from pretty much any hardware store, office supply store, or local supercenter.  If you are using compressed air to freeze your lock, you won’t be using the air. Instead, you will turn the can upside down, which will release an odorless gas called difluoroethane.

You will want to spray the lock for 25-40 seconds. Concentrate the stream on the locking neck, also known as the shackle. When the metal is cooled down enough, you will see that it appears frosty. You can then use the metal end of the can or another object to hit the lock. This will shatter the lock leaving it in pieces.

If you find yourself unsuccessful with these alternatives, please contact a reliable locksmith in Midwest City in OKC.

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