Proven Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycle theft is very rampant in Oklahoma and other places around the country. This article provides you with the essential and necessary tips that you can employ to keep your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV safe from burglars.

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Theft prevention plans are infallible, and hence, the owner should also put up measures to have the motorcycle or scooter safe. Some of these measures are discussed in this article.

Get to Know the Basics

There are simple tactics that are worth knowing and putting them into practice. These simple tactics will deter burglars who might want to steal your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV. These simple tips will make it hard for the thief to steal and may end up being caught in the process.

  1. Make use of a steering lock. A steering lock will deter thieves with less or no experience and slow down serial thieves. You might then catch them in the process.
  2. Having an immobilizer on your motorcycle, ATV, or scooter will keep it safe from being hot wired quickly.
  3. Buy and make good use of the U-lock. A U-lock will stop most thieves from escaping away with your bike. They will not be able to kick start the motorbike when they have stolen it.
  4. Use a disk lock to keep your scooter and motorcycle from being ridden. You can as well use a lever lock to lock the brakes.
  5. Purchase a large chain lock. They will lock your motorbike against something immovable. This will make it hard for thieves to get away with it.

Keep Them Safe at Home

Parking your bike at home can be so attractive to thieves. People often will ignore some safety measures they need to put in place to have their bikes secure at home. The steps that a person can put in place to have the bike safe at home include:

  1. Make good use of a garage if you have one. Inside storage is a security measure you can adopt to keep your bike safe from burglars. It is also necessary to have the bikes locked when in the garage.
  2. Use motion activated lights that use readily available solar power. Burglars will be reluctant to bright lights.
  3. Installing ground anchors inside your garage or driveway is not a hard thing to do. There are several ground anchor systems that you can choose from, both above and below ground. These can be used to anchor your bikes to the ground and keep them safe from thieves.

Make Use of Experts and Professionals

Last but not least, you have to seek the advice of professional and expert locksmiths. You can enquire from them regarding which locks to use, systems that can be used to deter theft, and other safety measures that can be used to keep your motorbikes, scooters, and ATVs safe from burglars.

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