5 Signs Of A Shady Locksmith

When you are locked out of your car or home and are in need of emergency assistance, there are several businesses you can turn to, but not all of them will be reliable. There are obvious signs that you can observe to determine which businesses are reputable, and which businesses aren’t where there might be a shady locksmith.

1. Unbelievable Deals

This is how shady locksmiths fool many people. They advertise 24/7 services at an extremely low price. People who are desperate for help will seek their services right away for a sense of saved time, saved money, and convenience, but that is likely too good to be true. They draw you in with a low advertised price, but then slam you with a high bill when it is time to pay them. Avoid getting drawn into these prices and try to avoid search results that are labeled as “ads” or “advertisements”, which search engines should be able to identify for you in this present day of technology.

2. No Contact Information

Most of these shady locksmiths will have websites where their only method of contact is a number to call. That number will belong to a call center in another town, instead of a legitimate locksmithing business. To tell if a locksmith is legitimate, look around their website for an address to their location. If there is no address, ask them why. A good reason would be for their business to be a home or mobile business, which a few locksmiths are known to be.3. Bad Reviews

You can easily look for reviews of a locksmith service online. Other people who are unhappy about their experience with a company’s service should be able to share their thoughts with you in the form of negative reviews. Before you try to give them a chance, learn from what happened when other people gave them a chance and look for locksmiths who could be far different. Because these shady companies do businesses in various other cities, whether you are aware or not, will allow you to see many more reviews from customers than a local locksmith.

A legitimate and local car locksmith in OKC is not expected to grow a bad reputation. While good locksmiths don’t come cheap or convenient, their services are expected to be nothing short or professional.

4. “Replacing” The Lock

A professional locksmith will be able to unlock any kind of door for you. A shady locksmith would not have the skill to do such a thing and could charge you a lot of money for basically destroying your old lock and selling you a new one. If a locksmith is working on your lock and tells you that it needs to be drilled and a new lock has to be put in its place, don’t pay him. As long as you are aware that great locksmiths that would fix or open your lock, do not pay one that will not do the job.

5. No Certification and/or Insurance Information

15 states require locksmiths to obtain licenses to do business with fixing locks. A car locksmith in OKC should provide you with their license so you can be assured that they will fix your lock stress and pain-free. These locksmiths should also provide you with their insurance information. In case that they make a mistake or damage your lock, property, or vehicle, that their insurance will be able to cover it.

If a locksmith cannot provide you with these credentials, then it is in your best interest to keep searching for the right business.

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