How To Know If Someone Tried To Break Into Your Home

During the Christmas holiday, burglars usually take advantage of breaking into homes and businesses. So how do you know if someone tried to break into your home? It is a smart idea to look out for signs of forced entry. Burglars usually break in through the front or back door after tampering with the locks. A failed entry is a motivation for the burglar to take a second chance. Perhaps someone just scared them off. The trick is to look out for these three signs to tell someone who tried to break into your home. And, ensure to call a professional locksmith to reinforce your locks before the burglars strike again. This time they might be successful.

Scratched Locks

Old locks are prone to wear and tear. Have you noticed scrapes or deep cuts on the edges of your locks lately? There’s a reason to be worried. Deadbolt locks that seem slightly out of place or scratches near the keyhole are not a result of wear and tear. It’s enough to tell that someone tried picking your lock. Perhaps the scratches appeared from a failed attempt to break in.

Burglars might have tried to manipulate the lock tumblers to open the door without a key. Tampering a lock is possible with a variety of tools, including screwdrivers with sharp points or picks. These can be used pressing along the lock edges. You can tell this when you notice shiny scratches on the lock. The solution is to call a locksmith to install smart locks to increase a layer of protection on your property.How To Know If Someone Tried To Break Into Your Home

The Lock Doesn’t Function Properly

Perhaps you’re back from holiday, but the key doesn’t turn properly in the lock. And, there’s no sign of damage on the lock. Well, you can’t rule out the possibility of someone trying to access your property forcefully. A faulty key might be a sign of bumping and snapping by burglars. Perhaps someone tried to use an improvised key to open the lock by forcing the tumblers to release. Ensure to call a locksmith in Edmond OK to come and fix a lock or install smart locks to deter burglars.

Damaged Lock

Using brunt force is the apparent sign of telling if someone tried to break into your home. Forced entry is a visible sign of the work of amateur burglars. These usually lack lock picking or snapping experience. Instead, it makes them try physically damaging the lock to make the lock turn. Others might try drilling the lock, using a crowbar, or just kicking the door to make it unhinge. Coming back, you’ll see scratches, debris, splinters, or a dented lock.

To lessen chances of this from happening again, ensure to call a locksmith to install more secure locks or an alarm to scare from the burglars. Never hesitate to call a professional locksmith immediately to find an appropriate solution to the problem. It will give you peace of mind that your home or business is secure.

The wrap-up

This holiday season, looking out for the above signs detailing how to know if someone tried to break into your home will keep your home or business safe. But, of course, the best thing is to keep a reliable locksmith’s number on your speed dial to come to your rescue.

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