Things to Do if You Lose Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be incredibly traumatic. Imagine being stuck outside your car as you get late for an important meeting! It can happen for variety of reasons and it can happen to anyone. So don’t worry if you find yourself in this situation. Just use the following tips:

Stay calm

Once you realize that you have lost your car keys, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and enter a state of panic mode. Rather than being impulsive, you must calm down and think wisely.

Start looking for the keys

Look around to find your missing keys. You can retrace your steps to see if you dropped it somewhere on your way from office to the parking lot or did you leave it inside the car accidentally.

Start gathering car information

You will be required to provide your vehicle information before taking any further action. So start by getting all the information together such as model, VIN number, production etc.

Contact your insurance company first

If your car replacement key is included in your insurance policy, then call up your insurance company and notify them about your situation. Depending upon your insurance terms, they will either cover the cost partially or in full.

Try remote unlock

Some new cars these days offer subscription based unlocking system. Try to unlock your car using telematics system if you have that option.

Contact your car dealership

If you don’t have all the information you need, call up the dealership as they may have the details on file. Your dealership may also be able to provide you with a replacement key on the spot if you give them your physical location.

Ask for a spare key

It is a good practice to leave a spare key with friends and family members. This way you can gain access to your vehicle even if you get locked out. You can also setup a smart tracker on your keys to locate them quickly.

Call a reputable Locksmith

If by now you still Need a Car Key in OKC, then you should call a locksmith. They are trained professionals who have the team and the infrastructure to deliver you your car keys on the spot and that too within minutes of receiving your distress call. Auto locksmiths these days provide round-the-clock service which means you have a reliable support even in the middle of the night.

Getting locked out of your car can be very frustrating. It is also the surest way to lose your mind and do something irrational such as trying to gain forced entry. But before you do that, remember that any damage incurred in the process will not be borne by your insurance company. So you will not only end up paying for the cost of key replacement but also the repair. So be smart and use the tips mentioned above if you ever lose your car keys.

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