5 Things You Should Know About Electronic Locks

When it comes to the security of your home, office or car one has many options in the type of locks one can install; right from traditional nut & bolt systems to keys and even the electronic ones that offer varied features. To choose the best security system for your house and ensure that the lock one is using is the best, you should take time out to understand all the different types of locks.

Based on your security requirements, locksmiths will recommend the lock they feel will suit your requirements perfectly. A locksmith in Norman Ok can guide you on selecting the best lock for your home or office, after studying your requirements in detail. Among the many lock options available, you should also consider using an electronic lock as it is one of the most secure types of locks available nowadays. An electronic lock, like others has its own advantages and disadvantages, which one should carefully study before selecting it for one’s home or office. Some of the things one needs to consider while selecting an electronic lock are as follows:

 1. Keyless

In the case of electronic locks, you do not require physical keys to open and close the doors i.e. a keyless option. This is very convenient, as one need not worry about losing or misplacing ones keys when one is inside or outside the home. They can be operated via a key pad attached to the door and even through an app installed on your mobile phone in high end models. This is especially convenient if children or senior citizens need to access certain doors and they can’t operate a physical key.

2. Pre designated codes

One of the best advantages of electronic locks is the facility to set different codes for different people as required, so one can have a set of different door codes for children and another code for close friends and relatives. One can also give a separate code to the housekeeper, which can be monitored and kept track of as required. Codes can also be set for particular days and time slots, thereby giving restricted access to people as required. This is very convenient and helps avoid distributing of physical keys to unauthorised and unknown people.

3. Easy monitoring of door access

With electronic locks, one can easily monitor who is accessing the door and the times that they are doing so. This is very helpful to track any misuse and in case of any security breach or theft onsite. All the door access records can be stored for as long as one wants and reviewed as required, to understand who has been accessing the doors and the times they have been using the same.

4. Remote Operations

In case of an emergency, the electronic locks can also be operated remotely via the internet or mobile apps. This is especially useful in case there is a natural calamity or fire in the neighbourhood and one need’s to ensure that the occupants of the house or office are able to leave immediately. They can also be used to lock access to the premises in case of any security threat to the family or house till adequate protection can be arranged or the danger passes over.

5. Change the codes periodically

It may so happen that you may give the access codes to some people and forget about the same, due to which they may be able to access it at a later stage. A locksmith in Norman Ok, can help you change the codes of your locks periodically, helping keep your premises secure all the time. Changing you codes periodically helps deny access to such people and ensures that only people in the current authorised list are able to access and open the doors as and when required.

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