Tips to Avoid Car or Home Lockouts

With smart locking systems and automated doors, it is possible to get locked out of your home or car accidently. Sometimes in a rush, we forget to grab our keys as we walk out the front door. These things happen way more often than we would like to admit! However, these are completely avoidable and you can prevent being stranded out of your own home and car.

If you do ever find yourself in this situation, your first instinct is panic as you try to gain access through forced entry. But did you know that the sophisticated car and home locks these days are meant to resist force access and this act alone can cause more damage than you thought?

This is why you should call a local locksmith immediately who can help you out of your situation. At the same time, you can keep these things in mind to avoid being in this situation altogether.

Create a Routine

When getting in and out of your house/car, make sure you follow a routine that will instinctively make you conscious of your keys. This will not only save you time but also tons of money. Create a process that you will follow each time you walk out the door. Designing a pattern around your keys is a way to remember that you have to pocket the keys as soon as you lock it. Professional Locksmith in Tulsa often recommend their customers to follow this process to avoid being locked out.

Hang it on a Lanyard

When we arrive at our destination, we start gathering our things as we prepare to exit the car. Your car keys that are still in the ignition may not be on your mind. However, attaching it to a lanyard will ensure that you have your keys on you when you leave your vehicle. This is a good way to avoid being locked out of your car ever again.

Use a Carabiner

Just like a lanyard, a carabiner too allows you to attach the keys to your belt, purse, pant loops, or any place you know you will never forget. Just clip the keys to a hook or a carabiner so that you never forget as you leave your vehicle/house.

Keep a Spare Handy

No matter how careful we are, there will be a time when we make the mistake of not carrying our keys with us and getting locked out. However, you can overcome this situation by keeping a spare in your purse. You can also handover a key to your trusted friends or neighbors who can help you gain access in case of a lockout.

These are just some basic tips to help you avoid being locked out. But despite all your efforts, if you still find yourself in this situation, then call a professional locksmith for help who understands how to help you get in without damaging your property.

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