Tips to Avoid Losing Keys

Did you know that home and car keys are amongst the most misplaced items? Since they are incredibly small and can easily slip from your pocket, it is possible to lose them even if you are the most organized person. But imagine reaching for your front door or car door and realizing that you don’t have your keys! That is when you start panicking and act irrationally.

It goes without saying that if you want to don’t want to lose your keys, then you would need to follow some precautions to avoid misplacing them. The thing about lost keys is that they not only cost you money but also time! Not many people know but the key replacements can actually be very expensive, especially if you want to replace a high-tech key such as transponder key. The most astonishing fact is that sometimes the cost of replacing your key may even exceed the value of your car!

Considering all the headache associated with losing your keys, the best thing would be to not lose them in the first place. However, accidents can happen with anyone. So what can you do to prevent your keys from getting misplaced? For starters, you can read this article and educate yourself!

Invest in a smart tracker

These smart trackers look like a keychain and all you need to do is attach it to your keyset. This powerful tool will keep a track of your keys and help you locate them with the help of your smartphone. So next time your keys are out of your reach, you will automatically receive a notification on your phone. Not only that, you would also be able to track its last location on the map and pick up the keys exactly where you left/dropped them. The good thing about this tracker is that it uses rechargeable batteries so that there is no need to replace the tracker when the battery is out. This is the perfect solution for people who are forgetful and often misplace their keys. Why stress yourself about the key’s location when your tracker can do that for you!

Get lost keys added to your insurance policy

As we said before, lost keys can cost you heavily in replacement. So it is better to think ahead and get then included in your insurance cover in case they get lost or stolen. This will save you a lot of stress and money when it happens.

Leave a copy with your trusted friends/family members

Always leave a spare with your close friend or family members to get a spare key quickly in case of an emergency. However, this trick is only helpful if they are nearby. They can either come hand over the key to you or you can visit them to retrieve the extra key.

These are some simple yet effective ways to avoid losing your keys. Therefore, be sure to read these tips and educate yourself.

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