Tips to Change Combination Locks

Changing combination locks need some advice as it is quite a tricky thing to do. At first, you need to know the type of lock you are dealing with. Not just whether it is an electronic or mechanical lock, but also the kind of device the lock is installed on and the way it needs to be changed. In case you have lost keys, hire reliable locksmith services.

What is combination lock usually installed on?

Combination locks are utilized on a variety of various devices. The place where the lock is being used will help you tell a lot about it. For example, it can help in narrowing down the proper method for changing the combination. Here are some tips on how to change the combination locks:

1.Change the safe combination

This most challenging method of changing the combination lock is to be encountered while dealing with safe combinations. This is the determining factor as the difficulty is likely to reside around whether the safe combination is digital or not.

Mechanical dial locks comprise of combination change protocols which are more varied and significantly tends to be a lot more intricate compared to those on electric safe combinations. Unless and until the safe is already open, a lost safe combination signifies the need for assistance. Change the safe combination by manipulating the dial with the help of the existing combination. The numbers are also moved to change the mark. Leave safe dial on the last number present in the combination. Next, insert the change key inside the keyhole on the safe door interior, Turn the safe key and then dial the new combination with the help of change mark.

2.Change the safe combination

Digital locks will have a reset button and dialing procedure that moves the digital keypad in programming mode. Without changing the combination lock in the programming mode, the lock will only register codes as an attempt to open the safe.

3.Change the padlock combination

Not all combination padlocks can get the combination changed. These modern combinations padlocks are making the companies build up the feature in the new product designs. However, for older combination padlocks, you are often stuck with combination it came with. When you change the combination on the padlock, it is a straightforward process. As the locks are made for the mass market, the design of the locks is made simple. Type the information you have about the padlock, like manufacture name, style of combination, model number, and other similar information. Next, look for official documentation or video. Try not to break the lock while trying to change it.

4.Change door lock combination

A door lock has a combination that will always have a way of changing it. Residential door locks are less complicated as compared to the commercial ones. Unlock the lock at first and hold the reset button down. Next, remove its back cover from combination pad and locate pin types inserted in the slots for existing combination numbers. Then, move the pins and change the combination.


Changing combination locks are thus easy, and if followed with the right procedure, it is a hassle-free task. Get your lost keys back with professional locksmith services.

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