Tips to Prevent Car Lockout Situation

You can be a very careful person and very hands-on with everything you do and yet you are as susceptible to forgetting your car keys inside as anyone.

It is common for people to lock their cars and leave their keys inside. If you get locked it, getting back in can be a long and painful process. Depending on how old or new your car is, you will most likely need a professional’s help to extract your keys.

While you can always find a reliable locksmith if you Need a Car Key in OKC, but you can keep this tips in mind to avoid the lockout situation altogether.

Always grab your keys before leaving home

Once you are all set to leave your home, just remember to grab the keys on your way out. Make sure that all your keys are in the same bunch. This is also important when you park your vehicle and leave the car. Always remember to keep the keys with you at all times. If you forget to take keys of the ignition, just stay mindful of the beep sound reminding you that the keys are still in the ignition.

Get a spare

No matter how hard you try, you are never immune from the possibility of losing your keys or getting locked out your car. Should you ever be in that situation, you should always have a backup key to fall back on. Give one to your friends/neighbors you trust or hide it somewhere it is always on person. This key will come in handy when you are in a rush and don’t have time to call the locksmith or your friend to come give you the extra set of keys.

Get your locks checked

Car lockouts are not always caused due to keys left inside. Sometimes, it may also happen due to broken locks. You can avoid this by contacting your locksmith ahead and getting it fixed before gives away some day, leaving you locked out and helpless. It is always better to get your locks checked from time to time to ensure they are in top condition that they will not breakdown unexpectedly.

Attach your key to a noisy ring

When you attach a spare key with a noisy ring you will never forget to pick them up. It is also a great way to avoid losing them in the first place. In fact, if your keys ever fall out of your pocket or on the ground, then you will be alerted instantly by the noise it makes. These rookie tricks have never failed to help car owners keep their keys safe.

While it may seem like a paranoid thing to do but you must always keep checking and rechecking your keys after every few hours to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. These simple tips will go a long way in preventing you from being locked out of the car.

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