Tips to Protect Your Home During Christmas

Did you know that while you are busy celebrating Christmas with your friends and family members, burglars are busy planning an attack on your home in your absence! This is why it is a good time to strengthen your locks and make them more secure. While there is no such thing as a good time to be robbed, but Christmas makes it all the more distressful and expensive for families.

The most commonly stolen items during Christmas include bicycles, mobile phones, power tools, laptops, tablets, cameras, audio equipment, TVs, gardening tools etc. But you can prevent this from happening if you follow these basic tips.

Secure your property
Did you know that most thieves enter your property through ill-secured ground floors? The best way to prevent that from happening is by ensuring that your locks are doing their job well. Don’t give an easy opportunity to a burglar to desecrate your home and ruin your Christmas. Invest in some exterior lighting, high-quality home security cameras, and heavy duty locks that are nearly impossible to supersede. You should also trim the hedges so that the intruders do not have a hiding spot.

Lock all doors and windows
According to a professional Locksmith in Yukon OK, the most common reason for burglary is unlocked windows. People often remember to close their doors but leave the windows unlocked, offering an easy access to the intruder. In addition to checking all the locks, you should always avoid leaving a spare key anywhere near the front/back door. They should be out of sight and hidden in a spot known only you to and the other inhabitants in your house. Make sure that all the windows and doors are tightly shut at all times when you are not at home.

Don’t flaunt your expensive gifts
If you are planning to show off the expensive gifts you bought for this Christmas, then it is a bad idea. Did you know that insurance companies may refuse to pay you if they found out that you were not careful keeping your possessions safe or advertised them online? Many people don’t know this but often get stung by the insurance companies for this silly reason. As if losing your expensive gifts wasn’t enough, you would also have to give up on your insurance payout!

Tell someone to keep an eye out
Burglars feel encouraged to ravage an empty property. So if you are going to be away for long periods of time during Christmas, then ask someone you trust to watch over your house in your absence. Ask your mail and newspaper guy to hold off deliveries. You can also invest in better home security systems to safeguard your home against potential attacks. Just follow these tips to ensure safety of your property in your absence, be it Christmas or any other time of the year.

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