Tips to Replace the Key Fob Battery

A key fob is not only used to open and lock your car, but it is often utilized by the vehicle owners to get access to the car’s tailgate and trunk. While some car keys come attached to the key fob, others simply have a separate key and fob. Regardless of what type of key fob you use, the same runs on battery. Now the role of the key fob shouldn’t be confused with the car key that kick starts your vehicle, rather a key fob is used to execute the basic car operations such as locking and unlocking your vehicle, opening your vehicle’s trunk, and more. For the best results, hire reliable car key fob replacement in OKC services.

What if the battery of your key fob dies or malfunctions? Of course, you would not want the intruder to break into your car and steal your essentials, would you? Fret not! Replacing the battery of your key fob isn’t a hard nut to crack. Though technique might vary depending on the type of fob you use, the basic method of replacing the key fob battery remains almost the same. Here are the steps to put a new battery in your fob:

1.Open your Key fob
The first step to replacing your fob battery is prying open your fob and getting the old battery out of it. Make sure that your car key isn’t attached to the key fob. Even if you find a one, slide it out. Once done, grab a screwdriver and look for the seam on the key fob. Place the flat end of your screwdriver into the seam (a spot where your key fob convenes). As soon as you lift the screwdriver, the key fob will pry open, allowing you to take the old battery out and insert a new one.

2.Replacing the battery
The minute you open your fob, you’ll spot a tiny, coin-like structure fixed right in its center. Basically, you don’t need to use any tool to remove the old battery, instead just sliding it out using your hand would work. However, due to the small size of the battery, this method might not work. In such cases, use a paper clip and lift the battery. Get a new battery and put in the blank slot. To make it easier, go through the fob’s plastic and follow the visual illustration showing how to slot in a new battery to your fob. As mentioned, your fob battery is generally smaller in size and looks like a silver coin, so it won’t be difficult to find a one near your local hardware store.

3.Join the key fob halves
Once you have replaced your fob’s battery, secure back your fob. Push the cover of your fob down and you are done! Point your fob at your vehicle and see if it is working. It should work at once. If still, it is not working, you might have placed the battery upside-down. Open the fob again and position it at the center of the fob.

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