Top Car Key Solutions You Should Know About

Let’s face it. When was the last time you thought about your vehicle maintenance? The thing which gives you the sense of accomplishment of getting in your vehicle is presumably the most overlooked with regards to maintenance. If you need solutions to ‘need a car key in OKC” services, hire a reliable auto locksmith.

Here are some “Key” tips, traps, and hacks, which will prove to be useful. But first, let’s examine some of the most common key types:

The Normal Vehicle Key:

These are the old school, simple, traditional vehicle keys. Machine cut (or laser cut, in progressively modern-day vehicles) and no security highlights.

A while ago when these were being used, getting a substitution meant a visit to your nearby locksmith who might make you another key in return for a very modest charge. These kinds of vehicle keys are quite simple to replicate, which is the reason why running away with a vehicle was so easy back in the past.

The Remote Vehicle Key:

They have some security highlights incorporated into them. A transponder inside the key produces either radio frequencies or infrared which sends a coded message that flags the installed program to lock or open the vehicle.

It is regarded as a level 1 security key which has its use today. The key keeps running off CR44 type batteries which require substitution every three-four years. A replacement for such key requires sending the vehicle with the keys for reinventing which can turn out very costly, so abstain from losing your keys.

The Smart Vehicle Key:

These are more similar to a fob than a genuine key. The vehicle has sensors which sense the nearness of the “key” and instantly empowers opening the car without physically “opening the vehicle.” These are intended to remain in your pocket and keep your hands free. You can even start your vehicle without really embeddings the key into the tumbler (if there exists any).

Are vehicle keys not functioning? You got to know these car key solutions:

  1. If it is a non-responsive key fob, your first move ought to supplant the battery, which turns out is the most usually revealed arrangement. CR32 and CR44 is the most widely recognized battery utilizing in a vehicle key remote.
  2. If you lose your smart vehicle key, a substitution can get somewhat costly as it requires programming a lot of new keys to adjust with the locally available motor administration framework. 
  3. If your vehicle has a start barrel (where you embed the key), Abstain from appending extra keys/weight to the key ring. Doing this can make the tumbler inside the barrel destroy earlier than time.
  4. Greasing up the start barrel with a spot of graphite is a brilliant thought that broadens the life of the key and also the barrel.
  5. Try not to utilize your vehicle keys as a pry apparatus or for whatever other reason that it isn’t intended for. Keep your keen vehicle key away from dampness and mugginess. Look out for a reliable auto locksmith if you require professional “need a car key in OKC” services.


Your keys are as vital to you as your car. Make sure you take due care of keys to avoid harassments.


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