Top reasons why your safe is not opening

The kind of lock system that you are installing on your safe can directly affect in accessing the lock. All locks can glitch, which lead to issues in opening them. Ensure the best results with the help of services from a locksmith in Tulsa.

If you are the lock you are using in your safe won’t open, find out if these following issues have occurred which is preventing your safe to open and troubleshoot accordingly: 

The battery has gone dead:     

Perhaps the simplest issue to address when a safe doesn’t open is whether its battery is dead. An electronic keypad accompanied safe will require battery capacity for activation. When the battery is dead, you can’t access the safe. A keypad may, in any case, light up regardless of whether your batteries don’t have the life needed for activating the lock. If you have keyed-in the combination correctly, however, the electronic lock won’t operate, supplant the batteries. Please make sure to utilize name-brand batteries, since unbranded batteries, in general, loses their charge a lot quicker. 

Jolt is jammed: 

The lock on your home safe includes many segments that are moving, which must cooperate to enable the opening of the door. The jolt is the last component to move. Trash and rubbish can make the jolt get stuck. If you hear the engine endeavour in moving the jolt yet nothing happens, a stuck jolt might be the reason for your issues to access. You might, at the same time, try and pull the handle while pushing the door if the jolt is stuck. This push-dismantle activity could be sufficient to slacken a stuck jolt and realign the locking component with the goal that you can effectively make the door open. When it is opened, ensure you are cleaning the jolt so that it doesn’t get stuck again later on. 

Wire getting damaged: 

A damaged wire will be preventing your safe to open since they upset correspondence between the keypad and the lock system. These wires can possibly get harmed, leaving them unfit to transmit an electrical flow appropriately. Expel the keypad and lead a visual investigation of the wiring. If you see any indications of crumbling or if a wire is cut-off, an expert professional should supplant the wiring to make your safe open again. 

You forgot the lock combination: 

The issues with accessibility, sometimes, aren’t brought about by mechanical problems. A combination, which you have forgotten, can halt you to open your safe’s door. You will require a talented safe locksmith to assist you with managing an unforeseen lockout. The expert should utilize particular devices and information on the build of a safe to penetrate it. The person in question may prick a little deactivation gap through your lock, dismantle the security options that counteract access without a combination or work straightforwardly with the manufacturer for accessing the safe. 

A home safe is a magnificent safety effort while securing assets – as long as you have proceeded with accessing the interior of the safe. You may find that your safe won’t open if you don’t remember the combination or mechanical issues has happened. After disengaging your safe’s lock, a locksmith in Tulsa can assist you with programming another combination to open the lock effortlessly later on. 


Whatever is the situation, it’s always better that you take the assistance of a skilled person or services if you are unable to solve the issues yourself. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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