Types of auto thefts you should know about

Auto theft can occur in different circumstances; many states have different statues addressing various auto theft crimes. Vehicles are stolen for clear reasons for varied purposes. Look out for reliable need a car key in OKC services.

Following are the types of auto thefts you should know about:


This type of auto theft is a popular one and has recently become a prevalent one. Most of the carjacking take place for the purpose of robbing the car. Protect yourself by being familiar with a variety of locations, methods that are commonly used by carjackers. Attackers are only interested in the vehicle while carjacking situations.

The first step is to stay alert at all times by being aware of the environment you are in. The common places for carjacking are the following:

  1. Rural areas
  2. Allocated areas
  3. Parking lots
  4. Residential Driveways
  5. Congested areas
  6. Traffic jams

VIN Scams:

VINS refer to serial numbers useful for differentiating similar makes and models. This number is a lot similar to social security numbers. Each vehicle comprises of a unique VIN. These plates are located on the car’s dashboard, and one can view it through the windshield. There are different types of VIN Scams:

VIN Switch

VIN switching is used for disguising the identity of a stolen vehicle. The VIN is replaced on a stolen vehicle; however, it is not recorded as been stolen.

Salvage switch

A salvaged vehicle is a vehicle that is completely damaged; stripped and burned enough not to be eligible to be repaired. A salvaged vehicle is bought only to obtain the VIN and the title. The VIN plates are then switched after stealing another car.

Strip and run

In this method, the thief steals the car and strips its parts off, then abandons it. They then purchase the frame of the vehicle from a police auto station or insurance to reattach the parts stolen from the car. This removes the car from the stolen list.

Vehicle Theft Fraud

Most of the claims are justifiable; however, some are fake. Thus, the adjuster then reviews all claims for the purpose of possible fraud.

Determining the claim’s fraud probability is performed when the adjuster is familiar with several fraud indicators.

These indicators help in isolating the claims which merit closer inspection.

Reselling stolen car

Cars are resold very fast, faster than you think. These cars are brought across state lines and international borders for resale purpose. The VIN may be altered and replaced with the forging of title and registration. The vehicle is also repainted to change its look.

Sell parts

Selling parts of a stolen car is another kind of auto theft. This is the most common reason for dismantling and stealing a vehicle. Thieves often partner with several dishonest car workshop employees to buy the car in a discount.

Joy Riding

Joyriding is considered an auto theft where mostly youngsters drive at high speed which ends in crashes. Individuals involved in joyride would not often return the vehicle to its owner, making it a punishable crime.


Thus, you need to be aware of these kinds of auto thefts to prevent your car from getting stolen. Make the most of need a car key in OKC services.

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