Types of Bicycle Locks

A bike lock is one of the essential items to buy for your bike. It is so essential that it is often the second thing you buy just after purchasing the bike.

There are a number of bikes available in the market, and all offer distinct levels of protection. There are a thousand bikes stolen each year, and hence protecting it is a must. For improved security, hire reliable locksmith services in Edmond OK.

This guide will give you an overview of the different types of bicycle locks available in the market and will help you be educated about the same.

Types of bicycle locks:

1.Chain lock

Chain locks comprise of hardened metal links that further creates the chain which is locked with the help of a padlock. The chains are quite tough and can be easily looped around any bike. The links and chains tend to vary in size, in its strength and also in its weight. The more secured ones tend to be heavier and are not that portable, the links are usually covered with a plastic sleeve that helps in protecting the bike.


  1. Tough built
  2. Can be easily looped around any bike


  1. Quite difficult to carry, hence not portable
  2. Heavy


This lock is also known as U-lock which refers to a metal shackle comprising of a crossbar which is easily removable. This lock can be looped around the frame along with a metal railing or a post. These are accompanied with the help of a cable and can vary greatly in their size and strength. This lock is one of the most widely used ones and is a great deterrent. Its locking mechanism is quite bulky, and the prime goal of the lock is to bring a reduction in the space where a thief can insert the crowbar while leveraging it.


  1. Easier to carry as compared to chain locks
  2. Extremely tough
  3. Visual deterrent


  1. Not easy to loop through certain frames
  2. Awkward to get it looped

3.Cable locks

The locks vary in their thickness and length and are made up of coiled wire. This can include a separate kind of combination lock or a padlock and are covered n vinyl that helps cover the bike. These are longer as compared to chain locks that make it easy for them to reach further and get around a few objects; these are one of the lightest locks available and are self-coiling that can be easily carried in a pack. Get the most of professional locksmith services in Edmond OK for the best results.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Can be easily looped around bicycles
  4. Convenient


  1. Cables are not that secured
  2. Poor visual deterrent

4.Folding lock

The locks are folding and come with a compact design. Most of these locks come with a bracket for the frame of the bike.


  1. Can be carried easily
  2. Can be secured to multiple objects
  3. Light-weighted


  1. Very recently available
  2. Not easily available


Bikes need to be locked with well-protected locks. Protect your bike with one of these locks mentioned above, depending on your needs and preferences.

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