Types of Car Keys You Should Know About

In the modern era, there are many different types of car security devices installed, which has different sets of keys. The different types of car keys available nowadays, make it a very daunting task to know about each one of them in case of emergency. Get the best key fob replacement in OKC services.

Here is a quick guide that discusses the most common types of car keys:

Traditional Key – The basic type of key is the traditional key. They are typically found in the older cars, and they do not have an encoding. They have minimal security options, and their replacement is quite easy. Their security options are weak because of no encoding or additional security options. They are connected with keyless fob for avoiding break-ins through the car.

Master Key – A master key was intended to make copies of the transponder keys or replacement keys of the car. These keys are expensive for usage, and their replacement requires the replacement of the entire management system. However, master keys are not so common these days.

Transponder Key– Transponder keys are the modified version of the traditional keys, in which a microchip is being attached in the key handle. The transponder keys are used to evolve response from the transponder by inserting the keys into the ignition, and the sensor activates the transponder.

Car Key with Rolling Codes – The rolling code key is another form of transponder keys. These create a unique code on every use. They are practically impossible to duplicate and hack the security system with these type of transponder keys with rolling codes.

Switchblade Key – A switchblade key can fold itself like a knife and pops out of the key when a button is pressed.

Valet Key – A valet key is a special type of key designed for the valet service. The owner of the car can give the valet key to the valet service that enables the valet to park the car as the key allows the valet to unlock the door and start the car. It cannot be used to open the trunk, glove box, or perform any other function.

Smart Key – A car’s smart key has enabled sensors on a fob, which turns on the car when the user is nearby. The car can be started with the pressing of the button and keys are not inserted into the ignition. They are designed to function while staying inside pocket and ‘unlocking’ mechanism is not needed to open the car.

Car Key Remote Control – the key remote controls are battery-powdered keys that can open the door lock and contains a press button on the key fob that unlocks the car. The remote control units use infrared signals or radio transmitter to transmit a coded signal to the receiver of the car.

Knowing about the type of car keys is very important as it gives an insight into the best type of key suitable for the car and estimate charges for their installation and maintenance. Make use of the reliable key fob replacement in OKC services.

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