Ultimate Guide To Getting A Duplicate Car Key

Getting a duplicate key is something that every car owner should consider. It’s not a good idea to wait until you lose your key that you consider getting key duplication service. Having a duplicate key comes in handy for a variety of situations. The most significant reason to get a duplicate key is to avoid car lockout situations. With a duplicate key, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re saved from the harrowing lockout scenario. Here’s an ultimate guide to getting a duplicate car key.

Where to get the key made

Car duplication is not for everyone. You can’t just visit the nearest local hardware to get a duplicate key. The chances of getting the service you’re looking for are minimal. Perhaps you get someone who says they can do it. You’re likely to end up with a car key that can’t work. This is because hardware store employees lack the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment to handle key duplication. The store employee might just have knowledge of inserting your original key into the duplicate machine but without the nuances of the trade.

The best thing to do is to visit a local locksmith. These are trained in duplicating car keys and have the necessary equipment. Professional locksmiths can handle key duplication successfully from long years of experience and specialized training. The best thing is these can handle all types of keys regardless of car model or brand. Locksmiths offer 24/7 service and you can contact them any time or day that you find convenient.

Cost of key duplication

Your car model determines the cost of the key duplication. This is because different car brands and models have specific keys. Their level of complexity in design differs significantly. Additionally, the car model determines the key blank for use to make your duplicate key. If you have a vintage car, an alternate blank is used. Even when your car has special features from regular car keys, a professional locksmith in Tulsa, OK will make you a duplicate key.

It’s advisable to find out whether your key has special features before finding a locksmith. These have a significant impact on cost. Additionally, you have to give the locksmith details about the features of your key to find out whether he can handle that job. Read the car manual for information about the type of key for your car or do a quick Google search. It’ll be easy to discover whether you need a replacement or a duplicate key.

Determinants of the key duplication cost

The car manual spells out whether the key is standard or not. Standard keys have no special features. Duplicating standard keys is easier and cheaper than other keys. However, cars with standard keys are getting less popular. This is because they are easier to break by thieves. Newer car models come with transponder keys, laser cut keys, key fobs, and switchblade keys.

modern car keys come with extra features making them harder for thieves to break. However, the special features make the duplication process harder as well. This will make you dig deeper into your pocket. Other modern keys are paired to a particular vehicle with a transponder chip. So, you need a locksmith with experience handling transponder keys.

Bottom line

Working with a reliable locksmith is the ideal solution to get a duplicate key for your car. These have extensive knowledge of modern car locking mechanism and appropriate key duplication machines to do a great job. Regardless of car brand or model, the locksmith will offer specialized service without any damage to your car.

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