What is Insurance Graded Locks?

Home insurance policies have introduced new instructions for the home door and window security. You might have seen the term “Insurance grade locks” while skimming through the home insurance documents. Are you planning to change your worn and old security locks? Before you spend bucks on buying new door locks or replacing the old one with the contemporary lock systems, read this post to know the insurance companies recommendations concerning the security of your doors and windows. For the best results, hire services from a reliable locksmith in Tulsa OK.

Insurance graded locks can be defined as the minimal standard of door lock systems that are important for the security of your building. Before you approach the insurance providers, it is necessary to ensure that you meet this minimum graded locks standard. This helps your insurers to confirm that you have taken all the recommended and vital steps for your home or commercial building’s security. In short, the insurance companies can only insure your property if you have upgraded the door locks as per their recommendation. This is the reason why a majority of homeowners prefer consulting with the locksmith companies to get their door locks upgraded in order to qualify for home insurance. Let’s learn more about Insurance Graded Locks and its importance.

Door Locks

As discussed above, there is a minimum standard of door locks introduced by the insurance policies. But how to determine whether your door lock meet this standard or you need to upgrade it. Well, examining your door lock for minimum standard door lock policy is pretty simple. All you need to do is check the lock for the Kite mark, British Standard BS3621. In wooden doors, you can find the kite mark either on front barrel or faceplate of the door lock (it may depend on the type of lock you use). If your door locks are not up to the minimum lock standards, call your nearest locksmith right away and upgrade the lock. Enhance the overall security with services from the locksmith Tulsa OK.

In some wooden and UPVC doors, homeowners need to lift the handle in order to secure the door. If you have such doors, you are qualified for home insurance as these are multi-point locks. Multi-Point locks are way too strong to let the intruders break them and enter into your building. It is worth to note that not all locks supplied by UPVC door lock manufacturers can stand lock snapping (a common technique used by housebreakers to unlock your door). You might get insurance with such locks, but it is important to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Window Locks

Homeowners need to upgrade their window locks if they have windows that open from inside without any handle or keys. Window locks are easy to install, but it is always a better option to call a professional locksmith to get the job done with ease.

Insurers have added such conditions to home insurance policies to make sure that the intruders find it difficult to enter or exit your premises. Check your door locks and windows for the minimum standard of locks. If your door lock is not up to the standard, call a locksmith and get it upgraded.

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