Why Rekeying Locks is a Better Option than Lock Replacement?

A lock is only good if they keys are in the safe hands. Imagine, if you lose your keys or your keys are duplicated without your knowledge, anybody can easily enter your home and harm the safety of your family members or can also end up in theft. It is this time you start thinking about options to maintain safety of your home and your people. Usually, in such situations, the house owner would consider replacement of locks because it seems more feasible option and for replacement of locks you would require to call a locksmith service.

A good locksmith service would always first recommend sensing the problem first and then recommend, whether you require changing locks or just rekeying would be enough. Fortunately, with the help of mobile locksmith service in Oklahoma City, customers can now get keys replaced because these vans are fully-equipped with all the tools which make it easy for rekeying locks in any part of the city without wasting any time.

Why Rekeying your Locks is a Better Option

Being a landlord, every time there is change of tenants, you need to ensure that your house is safe from uninvited people, especially if you have recently evicted a tenant from your property; you need to be sure that no one other than you have access to your apartment. The best thing to do in this case is to call a locksmith service, get your locks rekeyed and also receive a new of keys for the same.

Another reason to get your locks rekeyed is when you call in a locksmith service with a missing or stolen key concern; you are expecting that the locks should not be operated with older set of keys. Rekeying your locks offer you the option to operate your locks as an entirely new lock system with new set of keys. You should not always look for replacement of locks because it is unnecessary and also an expensive affair. When you can get the same outcome from rekeying, why do you need to pay more?

You should only go for replacement of your locks, if you are experiencing any one of the condition below:

  1. If your current lock system has been damaged
  2. Your current lock system is old and rusted
  3. You need to upgrade your current lock system
  4. Your locks have be worn out due to daily use
  5. You need enhanced security

Only an Expert can help you with Rekeying!

Most of the locksmith services at chance of missing keys or key replacement, would recommend change of locks right away without even considering alternate options. This is because replacing a lock would earn them more money than rekeying. An uninformed customer would jump to the solution of lock replacement because they are unaware of other options. However, a reliable locksmith service would only suggest locks replacement as the last resort because they are more concerned about the job done perfectly without making customers spend unnecessary money.

They would visit your home first, analyse the condition of your lock and only suggest lock replacement if there are no other options left. Most of these locksmith services are mobile locksmith in Oklahoma City because they would offer their service the moment they reach you so that you don’t have to wait long hours.

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